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WikiProject SLQ

This project is to co-ordinate efforts to retrieve and present works stored by the State Library of Queensland (SLQ), as part of their 'Pitch In' e-volunteering campaign.

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About WikiProject SLQ

The State Library of Queensland is the main reference and research library provided to the people of the State of Queensland, Australia, by the state government. It is charged with preserving and documenting government and historical records. It holds a huge quantity of information, much of which falls under What Wikisource Includes. However, many records, while nominally available to the public, are not easily accessed over the Internet.

This WikiProject aims to co-ordinate and oversee the addition of valuable works from SLQ in the Wikisource corpus. It provides a common discussion area, lists of works that are being transcribed.

The WikiProject will commence with World War 1 documents and diaries and old Australian cookery books, after which we'll start working on documents on a diverse range of topics important to Queenslanders and of great interest to anyone with a passion for history.

It is hoped that this project will attract users from outside Wikisource, and there is plenty to do without being acquainted with the full Wikisource system (although if we can persuade new users to stay, so much the better!).


Ready for transcription


  • Maurice George Delpratt Correspondence 1915-1920 (at least 20 x 1-2 page documents. Correspondence between family and Delpratt himself and the Red cross to family )


People on the ground

There are SLQ staff who are participating in this Wikisource WikiProject. Feel free to ask them questions on the talk page.