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Gerald Ford WikiProject

Is there any support for changing the current collaboration to Wikisource:WikiProject Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. The pages are set up in a similar manner as the NARA project, there is a current Wikimedian in Residence and this is tehnically related to the current collaboration (the Presidential Library system is part of NARA). The material on diplomacy and foreign relations extends the scope beyond just American affairs. - AdamBMorgan (talk) 02:05, 17 March 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Related groups of Britannica articles

I don't know if this has any real chance of working, or whether it has ever been tried, even. But for our own benefit, I think being able to establish some internal links here, and the content related to them, might increase the ranking of this site on search engines, which would be to our benefit. And, personally, the old Britannica, which we already have available here, might be among the easier places to start. Having started on volume 19, randomly chosen, these sets of articles are all linked to in the text from the article first listed, so far as I've checked:

  • Munchausen, Baron – Rudolf Erich Raspe;
  • Municipality – Borough Commune; Corporation Finance; Local Government
  • Municipium – Decurio; Rome;
  • Muni River Settlements – Fang; Fernando Po; Rio de Orc; Spanish Guinea;
  • Robert Munro or Monro or Monroe – Owen Roe O'Neill;
  • Muntjac – Deer;
  • Mural decoration – Ceramics; Egypt; Greek art; Mosaic; Painting; Roman art; Sculpture; Tapestry; Tiles; Wall-coverings;
  • Murat, Joachim – Napolean I;
  • Murcia – Caliphate;
  • Murder – Homicide;
  • Murrain – Rinderpest; Pleuro-Pneumonia; Anthrax; Foot and Mouth Disease; Veterinary Science;

A later article in that volume with several links include:

  • Music - a 15 page main article, which is kind of long in itself, and direct links in text of the article itself to Bach; Contrapunctal forms; Handel; Harmony; Rhythm; Sound; and significant mention of several other composers, which could be linked to as well.

Of that lot, I think Mural decoration and related articles might be the best of the first group, and Music possibly the better choice overall, particularly if a better list of related articles were prepared. The article on Christmas, and the most closely related to articles to Christmas, might work as well, but that article already exists here. Anyway, any opinions? John Carter (talk) 17:24, 3 November 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]