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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/A-lao-wa-ting

2A-lao-wa-ting 阿老瓦丁. A Mahomedan, a native of Turkestan. In 1271 Kublai Khan despatched envoys to obtain persons skilled in the management of mangonels from his kinsman 阿不哥王 A-pu-ko-wang. The latter sent A-lao-wa-ting and I-ssŭ-ma-yin, together with their families, by post route to Hangchow, where they began by building large mangonels which they erected in front of the city gates. A-lao-wa-ting was subsequently attached to the staff of the general Alihaya, with whom he crossed the Yang-tsze, being present at the capture of many towns. He died in 1312, loaded with honours, and was succeeded in his dignities by his son 馬哈沙 Ma-ho-sha.