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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/A-lu-t'ai

3A-lu-t'ai 阿魯台. Died A.D. 1434. A chief of the Tartars, who gave great trouble to the Emperor Yung Lo. In 1409 he set up the heir of the Yüan dynasty at Bishbalik, and ignored the Chinese demands for satisfaction for the murder of an Envoy in the previous year. War followed, in which at first A-la-t'ai was successful, owing to the rashness of the Chinese; but in the following year he was beaten and fled. In 1413, for promising help against the Oirads, he received the title of Prince 和寧 Ho-ning and sent a mission to China. Beaten by the Oirads, he presently sought refuge on the Chinese frontier; but so soon as his strength increased, he renewed his raids. The Emperor marched against him in 1422, 1423, and 1424, but A-lu-t'ai never risked a pitched battle. Ten years later he was surprised and slain by his old foes the Oirads, and his son submitted to China.