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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Chio

36Chang Chio 張角. 2nd cent. A.D. A native of Chü-lu in Chihli, to whom may be ascribed the ultimate fall of the Han dynasty. In A.D. 184, he and a band of adherents estimated at 360,000, threw off their allegiance on one and the same day. He called himself the 黄天 Yellow God (sc. Emperor), and his followers distinguished themselves by wearing yellow turbans. After some temporary successes, he was defeated by Lu Chih, and shut up in 廣宗 Kuang-tsung. Tung Cho was then sent against him but failed to take the city. At length it was captured by Huang-fu Sung, and the body of Chang Chio, who had already died of sickness, was decapitated. His brother Chang 梁 Liang was taken prisoner and executed; and shortly afterwards his other brother Chang 寶 Pao, met the same fate.