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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Chiu-chêng

37Chang Chiu-chêng 張九成 (T. 子韶). A.D. 1092–1159. A native of Ch'ien-t'ang in Chehkiang, who in 1132 came out first of a number of chin shih, examined according to instructions from the Emperor on various topics, and received a post. His sympathies with the people caused him to be unpopular with his superiors, and he was compelled to resign. He was then recommended by Chao Ting, and was appointed to the Court of Sacrificial Worship; but ere long he incurred the odium of Ch'in Ch'in Kuei, whose peace policy with the Tartars he strenuously opposed. He had been on terms of intimacy with a Buddhist priest, named 宗果 Tsung Kuo; and he was accused of forming an illegal association and slandering the Court. "This man," said the Emperor, "fears nothing and nobody," and sent him into banishment; from which he returned, upon Ch'in Kuei's death, to be Magistrate at Wênchow. Canonised as 文忠.