A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Fei

51Chang Fei 張飛 (T.翼德 or 益德). Died A.D. 220. A native of 涿郡 Cho-chün in modern Chihli, who followed the trade of a butcher until A.D. 184, when he emerged from his obscurity to follow the fortunes of his friend and fellow-townsman, the famous Liu Pei (see also Kuan Yü). Of an impetuous nature and of undaunted courage, he performed many heroic exploits; and on one occasion, when Liu Pei had suffered a severe defeat at 當陽 Tang-yang, he took his stand upon a bridge and defied the whole of Ts'ao Ts'ao's army. As soon as Liu Pei became the ruler of Shu, and the new government was installed at Ch'êng-tu, he was raised to high rank in reward for his services. He was assassinated by two of his officers while engaged in a campaign against Sun Ch'üan, and was posthumously ennobled as Marquis.