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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Han (章邯)

53Chang Han 章邯. 3rd cent. B.C. A famous general under the Ch'in dynasty. In B.C. 208 he defeated Hsiang Liang in a terrible encounter at 定陶 Ting-t'ao, in which the latter was slain. While laying siege to Chü-lu, the city was relieved by Hsiang Chi, who inflicted such serious reverses upon his army as to call forth the displeasure of the "Second Emperor," at that time completely under the influence of the eunuch Chao Kao. He began to fear for his life, and shortly afterwards deserted with his whole army to Hsiang Chi, who made him Prince of 雍 Yung. The successes of Liu Pang reduced him once more to despair, and this time he put an end to his troubles by suicide.