A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Shih-chieh

104 Chang Shih-chieh 張世傑. Died A.D. 1279. A faithful adherent of the Sung dynasty in its final struggle with the conquering Mongols. He had held several posts of importance; and when the great disruption came, he accompanied the young Emperor on his flight southwards. He advised Yai-shan in Kuangtung as a last refuge; and on the approach of Chang Hung-fan's troops, he constructed a kind of floating fort of some thousand vessels lashed together. Chang Hung-fan, however, cut off their supplies, and they were reduced to such straits that they were obliged to drink sea-water, which caused violent vomiting and purging. After the great battle which ensued, he made his escape with ten ships, and under some other representative of the Sung dynasty would have still prolonged the struggle, but he was caught in a typhoon and drowned. See Lu Hsiu-fu.