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A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Canniciari, Don Pompeo

CANNICIARI, Don Pompeo, a composer of the Roman school. The date of his birth seems to be unknown; but we know that he was appointed Maestro at S. Maria Maggiore in 1709, and that he retained that post until his death, which took place Dec. 29, 1744. He amassed a large musical library, and bequeathed it to the Basilica in the service of which his manhood had been passed. This collection, along with the other contents of S. Maria, has been dispersed, and much of it has probably been lost. In the Santini library there were various pieces by Canniciari:—Three masses for 4 and one for 5, six for 8 and four for 16 voices; four motets for 4 and ten for 8 voices; two Magnificats for 4 voices, with organ accompaniment; and an Ave Maria for 8 voices. He wrote music for two and for four choirs. An Ave Maria for 4 voices is given by Proske, 'Musica Divina,' ii. No. 10.

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