BIC Turntable 20Z Manual/Maintenance and Record Care

Maintenance and Record Care

Turntable Removal

It is not necessary to remove the turntable mat in order to remove the turntable. The turntable assembly is held in place by a nylon retaining clip located in the center. Remove the spindle and lift one edge of the retaining clip with a screwdriver until the edge of the clip has lifted free. (Fig. M) Once this has been done proceed in the same manner with the other edge of the clip remove, retain, and lift off the turntable. (Fig. M)

BIC Turntable manual 15.png

(Fig. M)

Belt Installation

As the turntable is removed, the drive belt will come off the rim of the turntable. To re-install the belt, place the belt around the drive rim of the platter. Grasp the belt with your left hand and gently pull towards the outside edge of the platter. Do not twist the belt! While holding the belt, locate the center hub of the platter over the platter shaft. Make certain the speed control is set at the 33 position. Lower the platter onto the shaft as you pull the belt around the pulley. Release the belt as it engages the pulley while continuing to lower the platter.

BIC Turntable manual 16.png

(Fig. N)

Rotate the platter clockwise several turns. If the belt is installed properly the platter will revolve when the unit is turned on. If the platter does not revolve, turn the unit off and repeat the above procedure. (Fig. N)

Re-install the Turntable
Retaining "C" Clip

The turntable "C" clip has a projection on both the top and bottom. THIS PROJECTION MUST FIT FULLY INTO THE SLOT PROVIDED IN THE TURN TABLE SPINDLE SHAFT.


All pivot points and bearing surfaces have been lubricated at the factory and will seldom, if ever, require further attention.

Record Care

Keep the cartridge and stylus clean. Periodically have the stylus inspected by your dealer and replace if worn.

Return all records to their protective sleeves and jackets. Do not leave records on the turntable for long periods if not in use.

Store vertical rather than horizontally or flat. If possible, store records at average room temperatures. Do not permit them near or in contact with heat producing devices, such as radiators, electronic equipment, amplifiers, etc. Excessive temperatures tend to cause warpage of records. Avoid handling the groove surfaces as this will deposit a film of oil. Hold records by their outer edges when mounting or removing from turntable to keep records clean.


A-2 45 rpm automatic adaptor (optional)

Part Number and Description

10-326-01 Automatic spindle
37-130-03 Conductive bet
37-143-01 T/T retaining clip
37-539-01 45 rpm manual adaptor
10-181-01 Tonearm assembly
10-436-03 Turntable, mat & insert assembly
10-198-02 Counterbalance weight
10-195-04 60 cycle pulley
10-195-05 50 cycle pulley
39-468-01 Manual spindle

Spare Parts

To insure positive identification of your unit when ordering spare parts, please quote all the information printed on the serial label no. (under the base and on the outside of the packing carton). Also quote the part number if listed, the color, the voltage and the power supply frequency.

Please address inquiries for spares and service to your dealer.

In case of difficulty, send your inquiry to:

B·I·C Turntables
Westbury, New York 11590