BIC Turntable 20Z Manual/Operating Procedures

Operating Procedures

Before attempting to play records, make certain that the tonearm retaining lock on the tonearm rest is loosened by moving it to the right with forefinger. Most cartridges are fitted with a stylus guard or protective cover. Make certain this cover is removed or pivoted so as to expose the stylus tip.

Set the speed selector lever for the type of record you wish to play. The Model 20Z plays 12" 33 rpm records when the speed selector lever is set for 33; 7" 45 rpm records when set to 45. When playing a 45 rpm record, install the manual 45 rpm adaptor over the manual spindle, which should be placed in the center hole of the turntable. An optional multiple play 45 rpm adaptor is available. Place this adaptor over the automatic spindle to play up to six records.

Manual Play

Insert the manual spindle and move the program control knob to the manual position. The turntable will begin to rotate at the selected speed. Carefully lift the tonearm by the cueing lever, and place it on the record. After the record has been played the toenarm will return to the tonearm rest and the unit will shut off. If you wish to discontinue playing in the middle of a record, press the play button. The tonearm will return to its rest, and the unit will shut off. Alternatively, you may lift the tonearm from the record and manually return it to the rest. The turntable should then be turned off by moving the programming lever to the OFF position. DO NOT MOVE THE PROGRAMMER WITH THE TONEARM ON A RECORD.

Repeat Play of a Single Record

If you would like to hear one twelve-inch record played three times, simply advance the programmer to the number 3. With the tonearm on the pickup rest, press the play button and the unit will play the record three times and shut off.

Automatic Play of a Single Record

To play a single record automatically advance the programmer to the number 1 setting and press the play button. This initiates totally automatic operation. The arm rises, comes to the edge of the record, and is gently lowered.

At the end of record, the tonearm returns to the rest and the machine automatically shuts off. If you move the programmer to the number 1 setting and place the tonearm on the record, the unit will not shut off at the end of the record, but will continue to play the record one more time.

Automatic Record Play

To play up to six records in sequence, remove the short manual spindle from the turntable.

Place the multiple play spindle in the center of the turntable. Rotate until it lines itself up with the keyway in the center of the turntable. Press the spindle firmly down until a distinct "click" is heard.

Count the number of records you are putting on the multiple play spindle and open the record hold-down clip on the platform to the up position prior to installing records. When the records are sitting on the shelf of the spindle and the edge of the record platform . . . lower the hold-down clip to stabilize the records. (Fig. K)

Move the program selector control knob to the number corresponding to the records you have placed on the spindle. Press the play button and the tonearm will play all of the records automatically. When the last record has played, the unit will shut off.

BIC Turntable manual 13.png

(Fig. K)

Multiple Play Plus Repeat

If you wish to play less than six records and would like the last record to be repeated one or more times, simply move the program selector knob to the number of records plus the number of additional plays desired. For example, if three records are on the spindle and you wish the last record to play once and repeat three times, simply set the program control to the number six.

Removing Automatic Spindle

All records must be removed. To remove the records, tilt the records down and away from the record platform and lift up. The automatic spindle can then be removed by grasping and lifting straight up.

Cueing Lever (Lift)

The cueing lever is used to raise or lower the tonearm during automatic or manual play. Moving the control for ward raises the tonearm, pushing it back lowers the tonearm.

Stylus Set-Down Adjustment and Tonearm Height

Your Model 20Z was carefully assembled and all necessary adjustments were made at the factory. There are, however, two minor adjustments that may have to be made to suit your particular cartridge. One adjustment controls the point at which the stylus lands upon the record's surface. All records contain a groove guard. Ideally, the stylus should land inside the groove guard just before the recorded portion of the record. The tonearm setdown adjusting screw controls the exact point of set-down. To reposition the tonearm to land inside the groove guard, turn the adjusting screw until the tonearm is at the correct position.

BIC Turntable manual 14.png

(Fig. L)

In rare instances, when very deep or very shallow cartridges are used, adjustment may have to be made to the pickup height. This adjustment controls the amount of lift to the tonearm in both automatic play and manual cueing. The stylus should lift high enough to clear six records and the tonearm rest extension. If adjusted too high, the top of the shell will touch the bottom record on the stack. Turning the adjusting screw counterclockwise will raise the tonearm; clockwise rotation will lower the tonearm.