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How long, O my mistress, will the mighty foe oppress thy land?
In thy chief city Erech drought has settled
In E-ul-mas̆, the house of thine oracle, blood is poured out like water.
Throughout thy land he has kindled conflagrations, and poured fire out like a column.
O my mistress, I am fast bound to misfortune,
O my mistress, thou hast beset me, and hast brought sickness upon me,
The mighty enemy has trodden me down as a reed.
I have no judgment, I have no wisdom.
Like a marsh (?) I wail day and night.
I, thy servant, beseech thee,
May thy heart be at rest, thy soul pacified!
Give ear to my wailing, let thy soul be pacified!
[Accept my prayer], let thy soul be pacified!
Look mercifully upon me, turn thy face towards me

  1. The text is published in Rawlinson, iv. (2nd ed.), 19, No. 3, and transliterated and translated by Zimmern, Busspsalmen, No. 5, p. 74; and see Jastrow, Die Religion Babyloniens und Assyriens, ii., p. 96.