Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities (1879)/Alpha Gamma

This fraternity was founded at Cumberland University, Tennessee, in March, 1867, by Messrs. W. T. Nixon, A. B. Goodbar, M.S. Matheny, L. Black, C. N. Campbell, and W. G. Campbell. The organization established chapters rapidly in different colleges, and unfortunately has lost them with nearly the same rapidity. Of a total of 21 chapters, 9 are now left, as follows:

  1. Alpha, Washington and Jefferson College.
  2. Zeta, Mercersburg College.
  3. Eta, Trinity University.
  4. Theta, Southwestern Presbyterian University.
  5. Iota, Cumberland University.
  6. Kappa, East Tennessee University.
  7. Pi, West Virginia University.
  8. Nu, Savannah, Alabama.
  9. Xi, Decatur, Alabama.

In many of the colleges where the fraternity had established chapters anti-fraternity laws were passed, and the chapters thus killed. In one or two instances the chapters have become branches of other fraternities. The Nu and Xi are alumni chapters. The government is in the hands of the Alpha. The badge of the fraternity is a shield of gold, displaying a globe encircled by a pennant bearing the letters "ΑΓ" and surmounted by six stars, clearly indicating the founders. The number of members is about 350.