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Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities (1879)/Gamma Phi Beta

The Alpha Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta was founded at Syracuse University, Nov. 11, 1874, by Misses Frances E. Haven (Mrs. C. M. Mors), ’77; E. Addie Curtis (Mrs. F. L. Curtis), '78; Helen M. Dodge, '76; and Minnie A. Bingham, '78. The avowed object of the society is the promotion of literary culture among its members, with the secondary object of social improvement. Some of its graduates were among the first in the university to receive the lady’s degree.

The total membership of the society is 32. Its badge is a gold monogram of the letters “ΓΦΒ” surrounded by a crescent in black enamel, on which is inscribed the Hebrew numeral “4.” A small “S” is used as a guard. Its colors are light and dark brown. The open motto of the society is “Θεμελιωμὲναι Πετρα.”