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General ProloguesEdit

The Old TestamentEdit

The New TestamentEdit

Below is a list of books non-canonical to Judaism, but which are part of the biblical canon of Christianity, including the Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Churches as well as the Protestants.

Deuterocanonicals and ApocryphaEdit

Below is a list of books which are part of the canons of either the Catholic Church or Eastern Orthodox Church, but are non-canonical to Protestants. The Church of England regards most of them as valuable but of lower status than Biblical books, and these are included in many editions of the King James Bible. The books of the Ethiopian Orthodox version that are not included in Western Bibles are also included. Judaism did not canonize these books, but some of them do not necessarily contradict the Jewish religion. For example, parts of Ecclesiasticus is quoted in the Babylonian Talmud, and the stories of Maccabees, Judith, Susanna, et al. are relevant for a concise understanding of Jewish historical context in the biblical and post-biblical eras.

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