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Unit 2

Chapter 3

The Definite Article (pp. 433-436)
Take the 4:00 bus.

Indefinite Articles (pp. 433-436)
A friend took an apple.

'one' 'the other'
You take this one. I'll take the other.

Compound Nouns (p. 458)
Sam has an electric toothbrush.

  1. Activity

    As your teacher reads the following passage at normal speed fill in the articles "a" or "the" where appropriate. In some blanks no article is required.

    Mr. Jeong never eats in _____ restaurant, but last night he went to _____ best restaurant in _____ town. He ordered _____ bottle of beer but _____ waitress was very slow. When she finally brought _____ beer, it didn't taste good. Mr. Jeong also ordered bulgogi. When _____ food came, Mr. Jeong saw _____ friend. He came to _____ table for _____ moment and then left. Now Mr. Jeong could finally eat! Then he tasted _____ bulgogi. It was terrible! He left _____ restaurant at once. Mr. Jeong never wants to eat _____ meal in _____ restaurant again.
  2. Exchanges A: What kind of electric appliance is that?
    B: Which one do you mean? This one?
    A: No, not that one, the other one. A: Did you eat?
    B: Yeah, I had an egg and a piece of toast. A: Where is John's book?
    B: Why don't you ask John?
  1. Activity

    Make the following phrases into a compound noun.

    ex. People brush their teeth with this - It's a toothbrush.

    1. This man brings the mail every day. He's the _____.
    2. This paper has news printed in it. It's a _____.
    3. This boy brings the paper every day. He's the _____.
    4. This teacher teaches English. She's the _____.

    5. This man collects the garbage. He's the _____.
  2. Writing

Write sentences with the following words that reveal the difference the stress makes:

1. ↗green ↘house green ↗house 2. ↗smoking ↘room smoking ↗room
3. ↗French ↘teacher French ↗teacher 4. ↗racing ↘horse racing ↗horse
  1. Proverb
    "All that glitters is not gold."