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Unit 2

Chapter 4

Count and Noncount Nouns (pp. 433-435)

Give me a few bananas.
Give me a little butter.

Object Pronouns (pp. 424 & 436)

He told us a joke, and we laughed at it.

  1. Exchanges

    A: Do you want some coffee?
    B: Yes, I want a cup of coffee.
    C: No, I don't want any.

    A: Do you speak English?
    B: I speak a little.

    A: Did he tell a story to you?
    B: Yes, he told us about his hometown.

    A: Did you give him any money?

    B: No, but he gave some to me.
  2. Activity Put the appropriate noncount noun with the following counters.

    1. a loaf of
    2. a pack of
    3. a sheet of
    4. a jar of

    5. a tube of
    6. a bunch of
    7. a glass of
    8. a cup of

    9. a bowl of
    10. a pair of
    11. a bag of
    12. a deck of

  3. Activity Use a little and a few with the following noncount and count nouns.
ex. Do you need any ink? Yes, just a little, please.
Do you need any eggs? Yes, just a little, please.

1. butter
2. pencils
3. stamps
4. bananas
5. water

6. money
7. bread
8. chairs
9. sugar
10. time

11. gasoline
12. information
13. envelopes
14. eggs
15. help

  1. Activity Practice the use of the object pronoun with the following groups of words.
ex. wrote/he/letter/her - He wrote her a letter.


He wrote a letter to her.

1. did/letter/Jim/him/send?
2. question/he/ask/her?

3. them/likes/she
4. need/they/it

  1. Story
    Choi Yeong-suk went to the market yesterday. First she went to a fruit stand, but because the prices were expensive she went to another stand nearby. She bought a few apples and a lot of cherries. After she left the fruit stand, she went to the meat shop. However, the quality of the meat was not very good, so she didn't buy any meat. While at the market, Choi Yeong-suk bought some rice and some fruit. There were several other things in the market, but she didn't buy any of them. She didn't buy any baked goods or dairy products. She didn't spend much money.