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Unit 2

Chapter 5

Irregular past (p. 439)

He sang a song.
She sold her car.

  1. Exchanges

    A: Did you buy a new pen?
    B: No, Sam lent it to me.

    A: Did Sam take a shower this morning?
    B: He took one before he came to school.

    A: Didn't you watch TV last night?
    B: No, I went to the movies.

    A: Where did you get that new sweater?

    B: I bought it at the market.
  2. Review Reading

    Jack's Embarrassing Experience

    One of the things Jack likes to do is go to the movies. Usually he likes to go with someone else.

    Last Saturday night, I saw Jack with a pretty girl at the movies. Yesterday, I spoke with him and he told me he had a date with her. Her name was Barbara. Jack said he had an embarrassing experience that night.

    Before Jack met Barbara he went home and wrote some letters. Then he took a shower, changed his clothes and ate dinner. He left home and met Barbara at the theater. After they met, they got in line for their tickets. At the ticket window. Jack reached for his wallet, but it wasn't there. He was very embarrassed. He said, "Barbara, I'm sorry. I forgot my wallet. May I borrow some money from you?" Barbara lent him two dollars and he bought the tickets.
  1. Activity
    Use the past forms of see, speak, tell, etc. in answering the following questions.
ex. Was Jack with his at the movie?
No, he was with Barbara.
  1. Did I see Jack at the movies with Barbara last Saturday night?
  2. Did I speak with Jack yesterday?
  3. Did Jack tell ms he had a date with Barbara?
  4. Who did Jack meet Saturday?
  5. What did they do?
  6. Did Jack have a good experience at the movies?
  7. What did Jack write?
  8. When did he write them?
  9. Did Jack take a bath?
  10. Did he eat lunch?
  11. When did he leave home?
  12. Did Barbara get in line at the theater?
  13. What did Jack forget?
  14. What did he say to Barbara?
  15. What did Jack borrow from Barbara?
  16. How much money did Barbara lend him?
  17. What did he buy with the money?
  1. Writing

A. Complete the following sentences with the past tense.

ex. I met a student and........
I met a student and told him to study hard.
  1. When I was embarrassed..........
  2. I forgot my watch and...........
  3. He got up late and..............
  4. When the principal called him...
  5. After she hit me................
  6. Before I had a date.............

B. list 5 things you did last night at home.

ex. I drank a glass of water.

  1. Song

Hang down your head, Tom Dooley,
Hang down your head and cry
Hang down your head, Tom Dooley,
Poor Boy, you're bound to die

Met her on the mountain
There you took her life.
Met her on the mountain
Stabbed her with your knife.