Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists/Abstemius

3937966Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists — The Fables of Abstemius, &c.Roger L'EstrangeLaurentius Abstemius





Chapters (not listed in original)
Fable CCLIII: Demades the Orator 219
Fable CCLIV: A Fox and a Hedge Hog 220
Fable CCLV: A Mouse in a Chest 222
Fable CCLVII: A Husbandman and Ceres 222
Fable CCLVII: A Country-man and a Hawk 223
Fable CCLVIII: A Swallow and a Spider 224
Fable CCLIX: A Country-man and a River 226
Fable CCLX: A Pigeon and a Pye 227
Fable CCLXI: A Cuckow and a Hawk 227
Fable CCLXII: A Country-man and an Ass 228
Fable CCLXIII: A Fox and a Knot of Gossips 229
Fable CCLXIV: Capons Fat and Lean 230
Fable CCLXV: Oxen and a Piece of Timber 231
Fable CCLXVI: Trees Straight and Crook'd 232
Fable CCLXVII: A Swan and a Stork 232
Fable CCLXVIII: The Inconsolable Widow 233
Fable CCLXIX: A Wench Parting with her Sweet-heart 235
Fable CCLXX: A Fly upon a Wheel 236
Fable CCLXXI: An Eel and a Snake 237
Fable CCLXXII: Seaman Praying to Saints 237
Fable CCLXXIII: The Fishes and the Frying-pan 238
Fable CCLXXIV: A League of Beasts and Fishes 239
Fable CCLXXV: A Covetous Ambassador 239
Fable CCLXXVI: An Old Friend and a Cardinal 240
Fable CCLXXVII: A Young Droll and a Crooked Old Man 242
Fable CCLXXVIII: An Old Fellow, and a Young Wench 242
Fable CCLXXIX: An Eagle and a Pye 243
Fable CCLXXX: A Country-man and a Mouse 244
Fable CCLXXXI: A Sick Hermit 245
Fable CCLXXXII: A Rich Man and a Foolish Servant 246
Fable CCLXXXIII: A Widow had a Mind to Marry 247
Fable CCLXXXIV: Town Dogs and Country Dogs 248
Fable CCLXXXV: A Snake to Jupiter 249
Fable CCLXXXVI: The Frogs and Tortoises 249
Fable CCLXXXVII: The Mice and the Oak 250
Fable CCLXXXVIII: A Runaway Dog and his Master 251
Fable CCLXXXIX: The Birds and the Beetles 252
Fable CCXC: A Bear and Bees 253
Fable CCXCI: A Fowler and a Chaffinch 253
Fable CCXCII: A Soldier and Two Horses 254
Fable CCXCIII: A Spaniel and a Sow 255
Fable CCXCIV: Oxen and Timber 256
Fable CCXCV: A Goldfinch and a Boy 257
Fable CCXCVI: A Droll and a Bishop 257
Fable CCXCVII: A Lap'wing Preferr'd 259
Fable CCXCVIII: A Priest and Pears 260
Fable CCXCIX: A Horse and a Hog 260
Fable CCC: A Huntsman and a Currier 261
Fable CCCI: A Hermit, and a Soldier 262
Fable CCCII: A Husband and Wife Twice Married 264
Fable CCCIII: A Lion and a Mouse 265
Fable CCCXVIII: A Cat and Mice 279
Fable CCCXIX: A Boar and a Fox 279
Fable CCCXX: A Wolfe and a Porcupine 280
Fable CCCXX: A Mouse and a Kite 280
Fable CCCXXVII: An Impertinent and a Philosopher 285
Fable CCCXXVIII: A Wolfe in a Sheeps-skin 286
Fable CCCXLII: A Lad Robbing an Orchard 299
Fable CCCXLIII: A Nightingale and a Hawk 299
Fable CCCXLIV: A Lyon and a Hog 300
Fable CCCXLVII: Pigeons Reconcile the Hawks 303