3938911Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists — The Fables of PoggiusRoger L'EstrangePoggio Bracciolini





Chapters (not listed in original)
Fable CCCLII: Industry and Sloth 321
Fable CCCLIII: The Cock and the Fox 322
Fable CCCLIV: The Taylor and his Wife 324
Fable CCCLV: A Woman drown'd 325
Fable CCCLVI: A Bishop and a Curate 326
Fable CCCLVII: A Husband, Wife and Ghostly Father 327
Fable CCCLVIII: An Old Man and an Ass 329
Fable CCCLIX: A Man Dreamt he found Gold 330
Fable CCCLX: A Country Fellow and his Hog 331
Fable CCCLXI: A Florentine and a Horse-Courser 332
Fable CCCLXII: A Christian and a Pagan 333
Fable CCCLXIII: An Ass taught Grammer 334
Fable CCCLXIV: A Priest and Epiphany 335
Fable CCCLXV: A Tavern Reckoning paid with a Song 336
Fable CCCLXVI: A Fryer, a Laique and a Wolf 337
Fable CCCLXVII: A Priest and a Sick Man 338
Fable CCCLXVIII: A Physician that Cur'd Mad-Men 339
Fable CCCLXIX: A Country Fellow climbing a Tree 341
Fable CCCLXX: One that had lost his Mony and Cloaths at Play 342
Fable CCCLXXI: A Blinkard buying of Wheat 342
Fable CCCLXXII: A Country-man with his Asses 343
Fable CCCLXXIII: A Man that carried his Plough to save his Oxen 344