Chapters (not listed in original)
Fable CCXV: An Oak and a Willow 187
Fable CCXVI: A Fisherman and a Little Fish 189
Fable CCXVII: An Ant and a Grasshopper 189
Fable CCXVIII: A Bull and a Goat 191
Fable CCXIX: A Nurse and a Wolfe 192
Fable CCXX: An Eagle and a Tortoise 192
Fable CCXXI: An Old Crab and a Young 193
Fable CCXXII: A Goose and Gosslin 194
Fable CCXXIII: The Sun and the Wind 195
Fable CCXXIV: An Ass in a Lyon’s Skin 196
Fable CCXXV: A Fox and a Worm 197
Fable CCXXVI: A Curst Dog 198
Fable CCXXVII: Two Friends and a Bear 199
Fable CCXXVIII: A Horse-man's Wig Blown off 200
Fable CCXXIX: Two Pots 200
Fable CCXXX: Good Luck and Bad Luck 201
Fable CCXXXI: A Country-man and Fortune 202
Fable CCXXXII: An Old Woman and the Devil 202
Fable CCXXXIII: A Boy and Fortune 203
Fable CCXXXIV: A Peacock and a Crane 204
Fable CCXXXV: A Tyger and a Fox 204
Fable CCXXXVI: A Lyon and Bulls 205
Fable CCXXXVII: A Fir and a Bramble 206
Fable CCXXXVIII: A Covetous Man and an Envious 207
Fable CCXXXIX: A Crow and a Pitcher 208
Fable CCXL: A Lyon and a Man 208
Fable CCXLI: A Boy and a Thief 209
Fable CCXLII: A Country-man and an Oxe 210
Fable CCXLIII: A Man and a Satyr 211
Fable CCXLIV: A Country-man and a Boar 211
Fable CCXLV: A Bull and a Mouse 212
Fable CCXLVI: A Country-man and Hercules 213
Fable CCXLVII: A Hen and Golden Eggs 214
Fable CCXLVIII: An Ape and her Two Brats 215
Fable CCXLIX: An Oxe and a Heifer 216
Fable CCL: A Dog and a Lyon 217
Fable CCLI: A River-fish and a Sea-fish 217
Fable CCLII: A Fox and a Leopard 218