Folk-Lore (1912)
Volume 23
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The Transactions of the Folk-Lore Society

And Incorporating The Archæological Review and
The Folk-Lore Journal

VOL. XXIII.—1912

Alter et Idem








I.—(March, 1912.)
Minutes of Meetings: November 15th and December 20th, 1911, and January 17th, 1912 1
The Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting: February 12th, 1912 5
The Thirty-Fourth Annual Report of the Council: February 12th 7
Cash Account and Balance Sheet 12
Presidential Address: The Scientific Aspects of Folklore. W. Crooke 14
Ôḍikal and other Customs of the Muppans. F. Fawcett 33
“Snakestones” and Stone Thunderbolts as Subjects for Systematic Investigation. Walter W. Skeat 45
Minutes of Meetings: March 20th, April 17th, and May 15th, 1912 145
The Several Origins of the Ideas of Unseen, Personal Beings. J. H. Leuba 148
The “Dreamers” of the Mohave-Apache Tribe (Abstract). Barbara Freire-Marreco 172
Meithei Literature. T. C. Hodson 175
Minutes of Meeting: June 19th, 1912 273
The Veneration of the Cow in India. W. Crooke 275
The Sociological Significance of Myth. W. H. R. Rivers 307
Guy Fawkes’ Day. Charlotte S. Burne 409
Modern Russian Popular Songs. M. Trophimoff 427
A Greek Marriage in Cappadocia. W. R. Halliday 81
A Folklore Survey of County Clare (continued), xix. Thos J. Westropp 88
Armenian Folk-Tales (continued), 9. J. S. Wingate 94
Japanese Magic. W. G. Aston 185
The Game of “Thread the Needle” and Custom of Church Clipping. J. B. Partridge 196
A Folklore Survey of County Clare (concluded), xx-xxi. Thos J. Westropp 204
Customs at Death on the Lower Congo. J. H. Weeks 215
Folklore Scraps from Greece and Asia Minor. W. R. Halliday 218
Armenian Folk-Tales (concluded), 10. J. S. Wingate 220
Cotswold Place-Lore and Customs. J. B. Partridge 332
Dooinney-Oie, the Night-Man: a Manx Folk-Tale. S. Morrison 342
Folklore Notes from the Province of Quebec. E. H. and H. J. Rose. (Notes by P. Sébillot) 345
Marriage and Birth on the Lower Congo. J. H. Weeks 347
Scraps of English Folklore, vi. A. Lukyn Williams, D. H. Moutray Read, W. Crooke, Ella M. Leather, F. Weeks, E. M. Cobham, Estella Canziani, E. B. Pitman, E. L. Allhusen, and E. Wright 349
Cotswold Place-Lore and Customs (continued). J. B. Partridge 443
Courtship, Marriage and Folk-Belief in Val d’Ossola (Piedmont). Estella Canziani 457
Lower Congo Folklore Scraps. J. H. Weeks 461
Quebec Folklore Notes, II. E. H. and H. J. Rose 462
Customs at Death among the Manipuris and Cognate Clans. J. Shakespear 463
Armenian Riddles. J. S. Wingate 471
Donegal Cures and Charms. Letitia M‘Clintock 473
Lord Avebury on Marriage, Totemism, and Religion: a Reply to Mr. Lang. Lord Avebury 103
The “Folklore Fellows”: their Organisation and Objects. Axel Olrik 111
Lantern Slides; Exhibits at Society’s Meetings. The Exhibits and Museums Committee 114
Funeral Feast: Communal Eating of the Corpse. W. Crooke 115
The Folklore of Earthworks. Albany F. Major 115
Library of Folk-Lore Society: Congrès International d’Anthropologie et d’Archéologie préhistoriques. F. A. Milne 224
Albanian and Montenegrin Folklore. Edith Durham 224
The Hair of the Dog that Bit Him.” Edmond Selous 229
Seventeenth Century Cures and Charms. A. R. Wright 230
Last Words on Totemism, Marriage, and Religion. Andrew Lang 376
Library of Folk-Lore Society: Regulations for Use. F. A. Milne 479
The Oak and the Thunder-God. W. Warde Fowler 480
Carmarthenshire Jaundice Cure. Thomas Lewis 481
Cotswold Place-Lore and Customs. E. Sidney Hartland 482
Modern Folklore to Explain Structures of Forgotten Origin T. E. Lones 485
Modern Greek Folk-Tales and Ancient Greek Mythology W. R. Halliday 486
Scoring a Witch above the Breath. M. M. Banks 490
Seventeenth Century Cures and Charms. A. R. Wright 497 Aldis Wright 497
Totemism in India. W. Crooke 498
In Memoriam: Andrew Lang. Edward Clodd 358
Andrew Lang: Folklorist and Critic. R. R. Marett 363 van Gennep 366 H. R. Rivers 369 W. Schmidt 371
In Memoriam: Alexander Carmichael Eleanor Hull 499
W. Lewis Jones. King Arthur in History and Legend. Jessie L. Weston 116
R. H. Griffith. Sir Perceval of Galles. Jessie L. Weston 118
A. C. I. Brown. The Bleeding Lance. Jessie L. Weston 119
Robert Jaffray. The Two Knights of the Swan, Lohengrin and Helyas. Jessie L. Weston 120
W. J. Sollas. Ancient Hunters and their Modern Representatives. W. Crooke 121
R. R. Marett. Anthropology. W. Crooke 121
W. L. H. Duckworth. Prehistoric Man. W. Crooke 121
Chr. Blinlienberg. The Thunderweapon in Religion and Folk-lore. A. R. Wright 122
Havelock Ellis. The World of Dreams 123
George Henderson. Survivals in Belief among the Celts. Eleanor Hull 124
Estella Canziani. Costumes, Traditions and Songs of Savoy. W. F. Kirby 126
Sigmund Grolimund. Volkslieder aus dem Kanton Aargau. Lucy E. Broadwood 128
John Roscoe. The Baganda. E. Sidney Hartland 132
E. Thurston. Castes and Tribes of Southern India. M. Longworth Dames 140
P. W. Schmidt. Grundlinien einer Vergleichung der Religionen und Mythologien der Austronesischen Volker. B. Malinowski 141
P. W. Schmidt. Die Mythologie der Austronesischen Volker. B. Malinowski 141
Alfred Nutt. The Study of Celtic Literature, by Matthew Arnold. Eleanor Hull 237
James Hastings. Encyclopædia of Religion and Ethics 240
Hutton Webster. Rest Days: a Sociological Study 242
William I. Thomas. Sex and Society 243
T. E. Lones. Aristotle’s Researches in Natural Science 243
J. A. MacCulloch. The Religion of the Ancient Celts. Eleanor Hull 244
Sir Laurence Gomme. The Making of London. B. C. A. Windle 252
J. R. Clark Hall. Beowulf and the Finnsburg Fragment. B. C. A. Windle 252
A. Quiller-Couch. The Oxford Book of Ballads. B. C. A. Windle 252
P. Saintyves. Les Reliques et les Images Légendaires. E. Sidney Hartland 253
W. Y. Evatis Wentz. The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries. Eleanor Hull 254
W. H. I. Bleek and L. C. Lloyd. Specimens of Bushman Folklore. E. Sidney Hartland 257
A. J. N. Tremearne. The Tailed Head-Hunters of Nigeria 261
H. A. Rose. A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West Frontier Province. W. Crooke 261
L. K. Anantha Krishna Iyer. The Cochin Tribes and Castes Vol. I. F. Fawcett263
M. Aurel Stein. Ruins of Desert Cathay. A. R. Wright 267
L. Lévy-Bruhl. Les Fonctions Mentales dans les Sociétés Inférieures. E. A. Hooton 379
E. M. Leather. The Folk-Lore of Herefordshire. Charlotte S. Burne 383
Frances Tolmie. Journal of the Folk-Song Society, No. 16. K. V. Grant 386
Raffaele Pettazoni. La Religione Primitiva in Sardegna. R. R. Marett 389
Austin de Croze. La Chanson Populaire de l’Île de Corse. A. M. Spoer 391
Étienne Dupont. Le Légendaire du Mont Saint-Michel 393
Jatic Ellen Harrison. Themis. W. Crooke 394
Edmond Doutté. Magie et Religion dans l’Afrique du Nord. E. Sidney Hartland 396
Mervyn W. H. Beech. The Suk: their Language and Folklore. A. R. Wright 401
G. Wyman Bury. The Land of Uz. Hans H. Spoer 402
Nicholas Matsokin. Materinskaya Filiaciya v Vostochnoy i Centralnoy Azii. M. Trophimoff 403
F. Graebner. Methode der Ethnologie. A. C. Haddon 502
Clement A. Miles. Christmas in Ritual and Tradition Christian and Pagan. R. R. Marett 504
F. Ranke. Die Erloser in der Wiege. W. H. D. Rouse 507
F. Ranke. Die deutschen Volkssagen. W. H. D. Rouse 507
Lucy M. J. Garnett. Mysticism and Magic in Turkey. W. H. D. Rouse 508
John H. Weeks. Among Congo Cannibals. E. Sidney Hartland 509
Louise Dudley. The Egyptian Elements in the Legend of the Body and the Soul. H. H. Spoer 514
Henri A. Junod. The Life of a South African Tribe, Vol. I. E. Sidney Hartland 515
W. D. Westervelt. Legends of Ma-ui—a Demi God of Polynesia and of his Mother Hina. A. R. Wright 520
R. W. Williamson. The Mafulu Mountain People of British New Guinea. G. Landtman 521
J. H. P. Murray. Papua or British New Guinea. G. Landtman 521
Short Bibliographical Notices:—
F. B. Jevons. The Idea of God in Early Religions 143
R. E. Dennett. Notes on West African Categories 144
B. Hale Wortham. The Enchanted Parrot 144
L. H. Samuelson. Some Zulu Customs and Folklore 271
Fitz Siegmtaid Dhu. The Mother of the Gods 271
Eugen Fehrle. Die kultische Keuschheit im Altertum 272
R. Wossidlo. Aus dem Lande Fritz Reuters 272
Max Schmidt. Uber altperuanische Gewebe mit szenenhaften Darstellungen 406
Progress Report of the Archæological Survey of India, Western Circle, for the year ending 31st March, 1911. 406
Archæological Survey of India, Annual Report, 1907-8 407
J. Ph. Vogel. Antiquities of the Chamba State, Part I. 407
W. H. Miner. The Iowa 407
Transactions and Proceedings of the Japan Society, Vol. IX. Parts II. and III. 408
The Sarawak Museum Journal, Vol. I., No. 2. 408
Index 525
List of Members and Subscribers 1
List of Plates:—
I. Ôḍikal Stick and Arrows and Muppan Water-vessel To face page 34
II. The Village of Hasákeui 82
III. Wedding Procession at Hasákeui 84
IV. Women returning from kissing Bridegroom and Sýntekos, Hasákeui 86
V. Women entering House of Bride’s Godmother to fetch Dower, Hasákeui 88
VI. Andrew Lang 358


P. 140, l. 9, for Cooke read Crooke.
P. 152, n. 2, l. 2, for lii. (1900) read vii (1909).
P. 178, l. 7, for Metheis read Meitheis.
P. 215, n. 27, for xii. read xxii.
P. 218, l. 32, for Judje read Indje.
P. 219, l. 20, for Stróvitsi read Strovítsi.
P. 255, l. 13, for Sophie read Sophia.
P. 268, l. 9, for aeelong read agelong.