English-language translations of
Gespensterbuch (Book of Ghosts)
by August Apel and Friedrich Laun
English-language translations of Gespensterbuch include:
  • Volume 1 (1810)
  • Volume 2 (1811)
  • Volume 3 (1811)
    • "Die Vorbedeutungen" ('The Portents') by Laun
    • "Klara Mongomery" ('Klara Mongomery') by Apel
    • "Der Gespensterläugner" ('The Ghost-Deniers') by Laun
    • "Anekdoten" ('Anecdotes') by Apel
      • "Das Geisterschloß" ('The Ghost-Castle') by Apel
      • "Der Geisterruf" ('The Ghost Call') by Apel
        • "The Spirit's Summons" translated by J. O. (1835) (external scan)
      • "Der Todtentanz" ('The Dance of the Dead') by Apel
  • Volume 4 (1811)
    • "Zwei Neujahrsnächte" ('Two New Year's Nights') by Apel
      • "Two New Year's Nights" translated anonymously (1839) (external scan)
    • "Der verhängnisvolle Abend" ('The Fateful Evening') by Laun
    • "Zauberliebe" ('Magic Love') by Apel
    • "Die Braut im Sarge" ('The Bride in the Coffin') by Laun
    • "Das unterirdische Glück" ('The Underground Luck') by Laun
  • Volume 5 (1815); also volume 1 of Wunderbuch
    • "Der Heckethaler" ('The Hedge Thaler') by Laun
    • "Der Liebesschwur" ('The Love Oath') by Laun
    • "Die Ruine von Paulinzell" ('The Ruins of Paulinzell') by Apel
    • "Die Hausehre" ('The House-Honour') by Laun
    • "Die Schuhe auf den Stangen" ('The Shoes on the Bars') by Apel
    • "Legende" ('Legend') by Laun
    • "Das silberne Fräulein" ('The Silver Miss') by Apel
      • "The Silver Lady" translated by C. Hardinge (1837) (external scans (multiple parts): 1, 2, 3)

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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