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Bob Chester's Grit.djvu
Title Bob Chester's Grit
Author Frank V. Webster
Year 1911
Publisher The Saalfield Publishing Company
Location Akron, OH & New York
Source djvu
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I Under a Cloud 1
II Bob Finds an Unexpected Champion 11
III Free Again 19
IV Bob Determines to Be His Own Master 31
V Bob Misses a Friend 40
VI A Kind-hearted Waitress 46
VII Good Luck from Bad 57
VIII Bob's Luck Continues 65
IX A Tale of the Plains 74
X Bob Does a Kind Act 83
XI Bob Fails to Find Mrs. Cameron 93
XII Alone in a Strange City 100
XIII Bob Starts Again 108
XIV At the Throttle of a Freight Engine 116
XV Bob Earns His Passage 124
XVI Fairfax at Last 133
XVII Seeking a Job 143
XVIII On the Track 149
XIX An Amazing Reception 155
XX Bob Becomes Owner of a Dog 160
XXI At the Ranch 167
XXII On the Range Station 173
XXIII Bob Overhears a Second Plot 179
XXIV A Race for Life 189
XXV From Ranch to Riches 197