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Index:Harris Dickson--The unpopular history of the United States.djvu

Harris Dickson--The unpopular history of the United States.djvu



Foreword v

Introduction ix

I Uncle Sam Gets Started 1

II Uncle Sam Keeps Going 6

III The Fiction of Invincible Militia 12

IV The Rush that Never Rushed 17

V What the Short-Term Militia Did 24

VI Pestering Father with Pop-Calls 30

VII The Running Militia 36

VIII A Stranger Comes 42

IX The Balance Sheet of Disaster 47

X The Little We Learned and the Much We Didn't 54

XI Lo, the Impolite Indian 60

XII George's Pet 67

XIII "On to Canada!" 74

XIV The Praieie Fire Panic 80

XV The Tin Horn Defense 90

XVI Uncle Sam Counts the Cost 98

XVII More Fights for Peaceful Folk 102

XVIII A Lonesome General 107

XIX The Mexican Paradox111

XX Advance, Halt, and Gentlemen Change 119

XXI Opening the Civil War 124

XXII What of the Regulars? 130

XXIII The Confederacy First Sees the Light 136

XXIV Demagogues and Dissension 141

XXV To Our Mistaught Millions 147

XXVI The Work of Warsmiths 155

The Unpopular History 161