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Title Old Towns and New Needs; also the Town Extension Plan
Author Paul Waterhouse and Raymond Unwin
Year 1912
Publisher University of Manchester
Location Manchester
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List of Illustrations.

Old Towns and New Needs.
By Paul Waterhouse, M.A., F.R.I.B.A. 1–30

The Town Extension Plan.
By Raymond Unwin, F.R.I.B.A. 33–62
List of Illustrations.

Fig. 1. Wren's Plan for rebuilding the City of London after the Fire, placed among the present surroundings of the City.
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Fig. 2. An "over-and-under" or viaduct crossing. A proposed treatment for the intersection of the main avenues, advocated by the Royal Commission on London Traffic.
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Fig. 3. A suggested "gyratory crossing" round All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, in connection with one of the Avenues proposed by the London Traffic Commission. The arrows indicate the course of the traffic.
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Fig. 4. Plan of a City on a river approached by eight main roads. Each road is bifurcated before entering the centre of the town.
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Fig. 5. Diagram illustrating a town developed on a definite plan.
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Fig. 6. Diagram showing similar areas each of 10 acres, developed with a larger or smaller number of houses to the acre, together with the cost of development.
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Fig. 7. Diagram illustrating the increased area of land required for building purposes if the whole of the population, in a town having an annual increase of 17,000 people, were provided for (I.) at the rate of 34 houses per acre, and (II.) 15 houses per acre.
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Fig. 8. Diagram showing how to reduce the pressure of population in the centre of London by one third its present inhabitants.
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Fig. 9. Diagram illustrating how the population which can be accommodated in a town increases much more rapidly than the average distance of the dwellings from the centre of the town.
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