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Title Problems of Empire
Author Thomas Allnutt Brassey
Year 1904
Publisher Arthur Lee Humphreys
Location London
Source djvu
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(a) Imperial Government 3
Speech at Epsom, 1892.
(b) Great Britain as a Sea Power 20
From the Nineteenth Century, July 1893.
(c) Australia and Imperial Defence 37
Extracts from an Address delivered before the Imperial Federation League of Victoria, at Melbourne, October 1896.
(d) The Irish Question 49
Extract from Address at Pokesdown, Bournemouth, November 8th, 1898.
(e) Federal Government for the United Kingdom and the Empire 52
From the Nineteenth Century, August 1901.
(f) Steps to Imperial Federation 72
A Paper read before, the Royal Colonial Institute, November 11th, 1902.
(g) The Finance of Federal Government for the United Kingdom 96
A Paper read before, the Royal Statistical Society, January 1903.
(a) Is Free Trade the Right Policy for this Country to-day (1898)? 127
(b) Sugar Bounties and the West Indies 131
Extract from a Speech at Christchurch, November 1898.
(c) Preferential Tariffs 134
A Letter to the Times, June 5th, 1903
(d) Tariff Reform and the Cotton Industry 143
A Letter to the Manchester Guardian, July 25th, 1903.
(e) Tariff Reform and Agriculture 147
Speech at Catsfield, July 28th, 1903.
(f) Canada 159
The Montreal Congress, August 1903.
The Canadian Manufacturers' Association, September 1903 (page 162).
(g) Canada and the Preferential Tariff 168
Speech at Rye, October 10th, 1903.
(h) The Need for Tariff Reform 180
Speech at Tunbridge Wells Farmers' Club, January 15th, 1904.

(a) Studies in Australia in 1896 197
Paper read at the Royal Colonial Institute, February 1897.
(b) The Egyptian Question 233
Speech at Boscombe, November 1898.
(c) The Situation in South Africa 243
Speech at Bournemouth, October 1899.