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Title The Unexpurgated Case Against Woman Suffrage
Author Almroth Wright
Year 1913
Publisher Paul B. Hoeber
Location New York
Source djvu
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Preface 11
Introduction 21
Programme of This Treatise—Motives from which Women Claim the Suffrage—Types of Men who Support the Suffrage—John Stuart Mill.

Arguments Which Are Adduced in Support of Woman's Suffrage


Arguments from Elementary Natural Rights 33
Signification of the Term "Woman's Rights"—Argument from "Justice"—Juridical Justice—"Egalitarian Equity"—Argument from Justice Applied to Taxation—Argument from Liberty—Summary of Arguments from Elementary Natural Rights.


Arguments from Intellectual Grievances of Woman 54
Complaint of Want of Chivalry—Complaint of "Insults"—Complaint of "Illogicalities"—Complaint of "Prejudices"—The Familiar Suffragist Grievance of the Drunkard Voter and the Woman of Property Who is a Non-Voter—The Grievance of Woman being Required to Obey Man-Made Laws.


Arguments which take the Form of "Counsels of Perfection" Addressed to Man 72
Argument that Woman Requires a Vote for her Protection—Argument that Woman ought to be Invested with the Responsibilities of Voting in Order that She May Attain Her Full Intellectual Stature.

Arguments against the Concession of the Parliamentary Suffrage to Woman


Woman's Disability in the Matter of Physical Force 79
International Position of State would be Imperilled by Woman's Suffrage—Internal Equilibrium of State would be Imperilled.


Woman's Disability in the Matter of Intellect 88
Characteristics of the Feminine Mind—Suffragist Illusions with Regard to the Equality of Man and Woman as Workers—Prospect for the Intellectual Future of Woman—Has Woman Advanced?


Woman's Disability in the Matter of Public Morality 98
Standards by which Morality can be Appraised—Conflict between Different Moralities—The Correct Standard of Morality—Moral Psychology of Man and Woman—Difference between Man and Woman in Matters of Public Morality.


Mental Outlook and Programme of the Female Legislative Reformer 114


Ulterior Ends which the Woman's Suffrage Movement has in View 136

Is There, if the Suffrage Is Barred, Any Palliative or Corrective for the Discontents of Woman?


Palliatives or Correctives for the Discontent of Woman 155
What are the Suffragist's Grievances?—Economic and Physiological Difficulties of Woman—Intellectual Grievances of Suffragist and Corrective.


Letter on Militant Hysteria 167