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Chapter 1: IntroductionEdit

1. INSTRUCTIONS IN SPIRELLA CORSETRY is your guide in your work as a corsetiere. Its real purpose is to teach you the fundamental principles underlying corsetry and corset selling. It presents simply, clearly, concisely, the steps you must take to become a successful corsetiere. The sections are arranged in logical sequence. Each one should be studied in this order. The information gained in one section prepares you to understand that in the next.

2. To accomplish satisfactory results in your work requires knowledge of that work. This knowledge can benefit you only as you apply it in your daily work. It alone enables you to serve well, and "as ye serve so shall ye profit."

3. Much of this knowledge will be obtained from the printed matter, the lessons and the letters sent you from time to time. Some of these you already have. The rest will be sent to you as you advance in the work. All Spirella printed matter is prepared for the purpose of assisting you. Every moment spent in intelligent study will add to your ability to do. We ask, then, your careful, earnest attention, your concentrated thought to what it teaches.

4. We desire that you succeed. Your interests and ours are mutual. We offer you our support, our practical help. We ask for and expect your co-operation. Our confidence in you has been shown by making you a Spirella corsetiere. Our interests in your community are in your hands. We rely upon you to take the proper care of them. Spirella service, Spirella corsets, The Spirella Company itself will be judged by how you do your work. Your first step to success is to study Instructions in Spirella Corsetry.