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Chapter 2: Self OrganizationEdit

1. System is the keynote of success. Success in any line of work is not obtained by chance or luck, but depends upon following well-defined, logical rules of procedure. Fundamental principles must be observed. To heed them constantly, practice them daily, insures success. Success is within the reach of everyone; it depends upon a willingness to follow and a determination to, carry out a fixed plan of procedure.

2. Successful organization begins with yourself. Therefore, a careful and honest study of yourself is essential. This will tell you where you are strong and where you are weak and thus enable you to make the weak points strong. If you lack the power of concentration, find it difficult to commit to memory, to. judge accurately, if you are inclined to postpone, your work, if you allow yourself to be turned from your purpose by little things, self-analysis will reveal these weaknesses and show you the way to overcome them.

3. Your successes and your failures are due more frequently to your own mental attitude, to your right or wrong thinking, than to any other cause. Think success, believe success, and you will be successful. It is natural when seeking excuses for failure to succeed to look for the reasons outside of self ; to find the real cause of your success or failure, analyze yourself. The causes are internal, not external. Because the client's point of view is largely a reflection of yours, it is of the utmost importance that you should think and hold only those thoughts which you desire reflected in the mind of your client.

4. Preserve and increase whatever natural mental strength you have by forming right habits of thinking and living. THIS IS WITHIN THE POWER OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL.

5. In the organization of yourself personal appearance plays an important part. On entering your client's home she sees you approaching her. As she notices you more closely your personal appearance is evident. The first thing that she will notice is your poise; naturally your physical poise will impress itself on her first. Your mental poise will show in the expression of your face and she will get an idea of its quality almost as soon as she sees you. Physical and mental poise impress themselves on us so positively that we feel attracted or repelled at sight by people we meet.

6. We do not always stop to analyze just why we are attracted or repelled by the approach of any certain individual, but any of us can think of numerous occasions in which we felt attracted to certain persons the moment we saw them, so much so that they held our whole attention. The client is impressed by your approach favorably or unfavorably. As a result she will unconsciously begin to analyze you.

7. Closely connected with your poise will be the outline of your figure, which is the result, to a certain extent, of the corset you wear. This outline will impress itself on her mind, either as pleasing or displeasing, and she will remember it even after you have closed the interview and loft her.

8. Because the corset is the article of first importance in creating this impression and because you are a corsetiere, this outline should be as pleasing as, you can make it. A Spirella corset, properly selected, will give you correct physical poise; this improves your appearance and enables you to, make the right first impression on your client. It will also aid in your proper mental poise by contributing to your confidence in yourself and your enthusiasm for Spirella. The first impression you make on your client either helps or hinders you in securing an opportunity to serve her. Dress simply, neatly, plainly, with careful attention to the little details of your toilet. Refined appearance is the first mark of the professional.