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Chapter 19: Spirella Printed MatterEdit

   1. Spirella printed matter and letters which you receive are of
the utmost value to you. They are sent you far the sale purpose of
keeping you informed on all that is new, helpful and interesting in
corsetry. They are specific aids to your success, in which the com-
pany as well as yourself is vitally interested.

   2. We call your attention to the various aids, of which a brief
description follows, feeling sure that you will realize the necessity
for earnest study of them. The more you know, the better you can
do, and "as ye serve, so shall ye profit."

book contains instructions an the fundamentals of your work as a
Spirella corsetiere.

   4. "THE SPIRELLA CATALOGUE" This is a confidential text
book for your own private use. It contains instructions as to the par-
ticular use of each Spirella garment; complete information as to
measurements; concise description of every style; and illustrations
to give an idea of the design and construction. Catalogues are
issued yearly with supplements added as new styles are brought out.
As the catalogue is a complete list of the corsets used in your daily
work, you should became familiar with every detail of its contents
as soon as possible.

tain the wholesale and retail prices of Spirella corsets, accessories
and special and custom work.

a series of lessons in corsetry and service, analyzing and explaining
the important parts of your work in greater detail than the text
books. They are sent one lesson at a time until you have studied the
whale course. Accompanying each lesson are questions, the answers
to which are found in the lesson. The lessons with their questions
keep you in close touch with us. Your answers to these questions
enable us to determine if the instruction is clear to you. They also
give us the points in the lessons an which you require additional
help. Thus you are not left to salve your problems alone. We de-
sire to help you, for your success is ours. Your progress depends
upon your study and how well you apply the knowledge you gain
from time to time.

name implies, is a monthly publication devoted to the interests of
Spirella corsetieres. It contains helpful articles, instruction an
various phases of corsetry, reports of training schools and interest-
ing pictures of Spirella activities. In the magazine also appear bul-
letins and notes on new and important models. To keep up-to-date,
read the entire magazine.

   8. "YOUR LINES" This is a leaflet which accompanies every
corset. It contains instructions on adjustment and serves as a re-
minder to the client of the correct method which you have taught
her. It also gives the best method of laundering a corset. You
should be familiar with this leaflet that you may emphasize its
value to your client.

   9. LETTERS FROM THE COMPANY These are the day-to-day
means of keeping you informed as to what is happening in the world
of corsetry, at the factory, in the office, and answering your own
particular inquiries. It is to our mutual advantage that any item
of information which will help you in your daily wark be put be
fore you. Read each letter with the greatest care. File them care-
fully far reference. If any difficulty in your study or in your work
presents itself, write it clearly and briefly in a letter to the office
and give careful thought to our reply. We want to help you; we
want you to help yourself to success.

   10. The need of studying closely all printed matter and corre-
spondence is emphasized because this will eliminate all possibility
of misunderstanding or inquiry. This is a saving of time for both
corsetiere and correspondent. Training schools are held by the
company for the benefit of corsetieres. These you are expected to
attend. The information in the printed helps is used as topics
far further instruction at these schools. The schools present the
ways and means of giving professional service in a manner that is
clear, concise and helpful; they also bring corsetieres with a com-
mon purpose together, there to exchange experiences, to make new
acquaintances, to meet the direct representatives of the company
and engage in restful work and wholesome recreation.

   11. Give every text book, pamphlet, circular and every letter the
attention and study they merit. This will broaden your knowledge,
give you more of the power to do, strengthen your ability to serve
well, and, again, "as ye serve, so shall ye profit."