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Chapter 20: Terms of Shipment of GoodsEdit

   1. The transportation charges an all goads, whether sent you by
express or parcel post, are paid by the company. This insures to
every corsetiere the full difference between the wholesale and retail
prices of the goods she orders and equalizes profits to all corsetieres,
regardless of the distance they may be from divisional headquarters.

   2. Our prices are consistent with quality and service and are
fixed on a cash-with-order basis. This is the most satisfactory way
to conduct any business transaction. Paying cash for what you buy
closes the account, saves you money and relieves you of the neces-
sity of arranging far credit.

   3. Far the accommodation of corsetieres desiring credit we per-
mit the use of our Personal Credit Form. We cannot extend credit
until a satisfactory Personal Credit Form has been received by us.
Therefore do not ask us to ship goads on credit unless you have
made the necessary arrangements. A Personal Credit Farm will be
sent upon application. This form, properly filled out, should be
filed with the company at least fifteen days before the first order is
ready for shipment that we may make inquiry as to the responsi-
bility of the surety.

   4. The surety guarantees the payment of your account up to
the amount of $100.00 and prompt payment of bills for any month
between the 1st and 10th of the following month. The surety must
own real estate worth $1,000 above all encumbrances and exemp-
tions or be well rated in Dun or Bradstreet. A married woman
who owns property in her own right must have her husband sign
the Personal Credit Farm with her. A corsetiere who can meet the
property requirements may act as her own surety.

   5. All Spirella goods are sold on a cash basis. Payment in full
far goads sent on credit is due as soon as they are received. There-
fore, remit promptly the amount of your bill from the first collection
made. This is to your interest. It maintains your credit with the
company and retains your surety's confidence. If remittance for
any order is not received by the company by the 10th of the month
following date of shipment, no further shipments on account will be
made until that bill is paid. A Personal Credit Form for $100.00
means that you are entitled to shipments to the amount of $100.00
in any one month, provided there is no unpaid bill from the pre-
ceding month. Therefore, to avoid having your shipments delayed,
make remittance promptly.

   6. As an expediency method, for occasional transactions only,
goods can be shipped C. O. D. by express or parcel past. Under
this method goods are paid for when delivered to the corsetiere.
together with the fee charged for returning the money. Goods
ordered C. O. D, must be accompanied by at least 10% (one-tenth)
of the total amount of the bill and never less than $2.00. Goods
sent direct to the client cannot be shipped C. O. D. Such orders
must be paid for in advance by the corsetiere, unless she is work-
ing under credit arrangements.

   7. We cannot change an order after it is once entered far manu-
facture. We cannot take back or exchange any goads which have
been sent according to order. If an error is made by us in filling
your order, we will correct it. All claims for goods returned an
account of error must be made within five days after receipt of

   8. Should you return any corset, write briefly and specifically
what you have to say about it in a letter by itself that we may refer
the corset with the letter to the proper department. Return guar-
antee tag with the corset. Write your name and address plainly
on the outside of the package. Returned goods must be sent charges
prepaid by the corsetiere. If the error is ours, these charges will
be refunded.