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Chapter 21: ServiceEdit

   1. Spirella corset service is personal service to the wearer
through a trained resident corsetiere. As a Spirella corsetiere it is
your privilege to give this personal service.

   2. The ultimate aim of all Spirella instruction is that you may
render real service to your clients. Its purpose is to develop you
into the trained corsetiere, who, in the privacy of your client's
home, serves her with a corset selected with accurate knowledge of
its corrective value; you also instruct her in its proper adjustment
and wear that she may obtain its full benefit. Through your ser-
vice, your client receives a larger measure of corset satisfaction
than she has hitherto known, is benefited and improved in figure
lines and bodily condition, thus justifying your claim to true service.

   3. Service is the one phase in which your work differs from that
of a corsetiere presenting any other corset. The Spirella corset has
no monopoly an style or materials; it has no monopoly an a wire
stay, although the Spirella stay is better in every way than any
other stay. Because the scientific basic principle underlying the
invention acts in its simplest form, it cannot be improved upon.
But Spirella does have a monopoly in the trained service Spirella
corsetieres render. Your client cannot get such service elsewhere.
Exclusive service is something she will appreciate, something she
desires, something she has wanted for a long time. To render that
service is your opportunity.

4. By daily study and constant practice, your skill in corsetry
will grow. You will be able to satisfy more and more clients, ma-
terially aid more difficult cases, bring comfort and health to a
greater number of women whose figures have been neglected, even
mistreated by improper corseting. In building up your clientele on
the foundation of service, you will be cementing your clients to you.
They will remain loyal to you because they know they can get real
service from you. Keep before you the thought that it is not money
alone you are working for; it is the opportunity to serve a perma-
nent clientele, that "as ye serve, so shall ye profit."