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Chapter 4: The Demonstration of the Spirella StayEdit

  1. You have become a Spirella corsetiere with an earnest de-

sire to build a permanent business for yourself. You have, then, a definite result to achieve. To accomplish this, master each suc- cessive step as it is presented to you.

  2.	Your specific work is to serve Spirella, corsets.	The Spirella 

stay is their foundation. The proper demonstration of this stay, is the first important step to be mastered. By memorizing the pre- pared demonstration of the Spirella stay, you use it naturally and convincingly as a part of your interview with each client.

  3. When the stay is inserted in the corset the concave side is 

placed toward the body. This is done to offer the greatest re- sistance against movements of the body. Should the client take the stay in her hand while you are demonstrating it, explain this to her, so that she will bend it only in the right direction.

This method of demonstrating the Spirella stay must be memorized before proceeding further

  No. 1

  [Hold up your sample of Spirella.] 

This is a sample of the Spirella stay, which is the foundation of the Spirella corset. When it is incorpor- ated in a corset, it gives results which cannot be obtained with any other stay. Fashion demands the natural ease and freedom of move- ment of the body; this result is secured by the use of Spirella.

  [Curve the stay edgewise.]	Can a flat stay do this? Certainly 

not. You see it can adjust itself to any curved seam. Because it can bend edgewise, a curved seam does, not cause a Spirella stay to turn on edge. This makes your corset more comfortable and also more durable because the cloth is not continually strained over a sharp edge.


  [Flex the stay toward you, over your thumb, 

and allow it to spring back. Repeat this sev- eral times. When demonstrating this move- ment, hold the more concave side of the stay toward the client.] This stay is, manufactured from the best quality of crucible steel wire. The tempering gives it this flexibility. Be- cause of this, the corset yields to every move, ment of the body, without breaking the stay or causing a permanent bend at the waist. You

can bend or stoop in any direction—even lie down in your corset, and still be perfectly comfortable. When you wear a Spirella corset you never have the uncomfortable feeling of a bent or broken stay poking into your body.

  [Twist the stay completely 

around.] Can you twist a flat stay like this? In manufactur- ing the Spirella stay, a great amount of torsional strength is developed in it. Torsianal strength is s that quality which

re-acts against a twist. This makes the stay resilient. This resiliency of the stay causes the corset to keep its shape. When you take off your Spirella corset, it immedi- ately resumes its original shape, thereby retaining all the original value in the design. When you put it on again, it produces the same good figure lines that it gave you when it was new. This shape-retaining quality lasts as long as the corset.

  [Twist the stay half-way around, bending it sidewise at the 

same time. Then let it spring up-right.] See how this stay re- sumes its original position. Its torsional strength gives the stay supporting power, amply sufficient to keep your figure erect and trim. Incorporating this stay in the cloth foundation of the cor- set increases its supporting power.

  [Compress the stay lengthwise.]	See how the stay shortens un-

der pressure. This prevents the ends of the stay from pushing through the cloth. Of course this means greater durability in the corset, as well as less wear on your other garments, especially un- der the arm.

  [Hold the stay upright.]	Notice the finish an this stay. 

This plating is a special process which The Spirella Com- pany guarantees against rust, therefore you can launder

  no. 7

your corset as often as re- quired. In fact, removing the grit and perspiration lengthens the life of the cloth. Besides, it is such a comfort to feel that your corset is as sweet and clean as your other under- wear.

  [Hold up your sample of Spirella side by side with a 

piece of flat stay.] Notice the difference in ventilation between these two stays! Much of the body's impurities are eliminated through the pores of the skin. A Spirella


stay offers the least obstruction to this process of elimina- tion. It also affords free muscular action; this generates and maintains health and strength, which, in turn, heighten the in- dividual grace and beauty of your figure.