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Chapter 5: The Sales TalkEdit

1. Your knowledge concerning corsetry will be of no value to
you, unless you are prepared to present it through the medium of
a sales talk. Selling talks are fundamentally alike, that is they are
planned so as to cover certain well defined essentials. These are

     1st—a subject of common knowledge,
     2nd—the general merits of the article you are offering,
     3rd—the specific merits adapted to personal needs,
     4th—obtaining the order.

same topic about which the client knows and with which you are
familiar. To make this applicable to your work, corsets in general
will be your subject of common knowledge. Through this subject of
corsets in general, you can lead up to your specific subject of
Spirella corsets and to the demonstration of the Spirella stay.

   3. BY GENERAL MERITS is meant all of the paints of value in
the Spirella stay, the corset and your service. You present these by
using the prepared demonstration of the Spirella stay, (Section
Four). Through this -you show that every quality of the boning
which you demonstrate, produces results which when incorporated
in a corset, enable you to render valuable service to the individual

NEEDS is meant, convincing the client that the merits you have
shown in the Spirella stay, the corset and your service, meet her
individual requirements. In other words, convince her of what
Spirella corsets, combined with Spirella service, will do for her.
   5. If her concern is her health then the control and uplift se-
cured by front adjustment, the correction of poise, the freedom of
pressure an the stomach and diaphragm, the ventilative qualities
of the stay are paints to bring most forcibly to her notice. Mention
the exclusive award of the Paris Institute of Hygiene. Spirella is
the only corset so honored.

   6. If comfort is her special desire, then talk the comfort quali-
ties in the stay the curve, the spring, the twist; absolute resili-
ency, yet with ample supporting power.

   7. If fashion is her chief interest, then speak of what the cor-
set will do to accomplish that result. Flat stays take a permanent
bend at the waist; their usefulness, as a producer of fashionable
lines, is therefore short-lived inasmuch as they quickly conform to
curves of the body and of course after that, the corset is of no cor-
rective value. Mention the honors and awards Spirella has re-

   8. If you have a thorough knowledge of the merits of the Spi-
rella corset, the stay and your service, and are able to adapt them
to the client's particular needs, then you have only to, get her defi-
nite consent for you to order a corset for her.

   9. OBTAINING THE ORDER. Women are already convinced
that corsets are a necessity; it is your part to convince the client
that the Spirella corset, plus your service, will give her better satis-
faction than she can get elsewhere. If you have presented the first
three essentials in a manner to carry conviction, the order will be

   10. You have a definite result to achieve. To accomplish this
result with the least amount of effort and with reasonable assur-
ance of success, you must have a logical method of procedure.

   11. Thoughtfully plan your work and then work your plan. To
neglect to plan your work is to invite failure. On the other hand
if you have built your plan and have made your preparation, you
have confidence in yourself, the corset and in the service you have
to offer. You, therefore, approach the prospective client with con-

   12. The method of procedure will vary somewhat according to
the locality in which you live. If you are calling an your nearest
friend or neighbor, she, no doubt, is acquainted with the fact that
you are the Spirella corsetiere in that district. In such a case,
it is not necessary to introduce yourself and you can at once pro-
ceed with the sales talk. If you are unacquainted it will be neces-
sary to introduce yourself.

   13. When the door is opened say: "Mrs. B., I am Mrs. A."—
(expectant pause.) If not invited in at once, say: "I called to
see you on a matter of mutual interest", and walk in. When seated
say: "Mrs. B., I am the Spirella corsetiere for this district. I
want just a few minutes of your time to explain to you something
of the work we are doing. I feel that when you know about Spi-
rella and Spirella service you will be greatly interested.

   14. "Perhaps you have never thought of corset selection and
fitting as a profession. Well, it is. We realize that corseting each
woman is a separate problem which must be given careful thought.
The flesh can be moulded into proper lines, or it can be incorrectly
moulded. This is because flesh moves from under pressure. The
wrong corset because of incorrect' pressure may force the flesh down
on the abdomen and hips and up out of the top of the corset, thus
marring the figure outline. This may also bring about a physical
injury. Understanding these principles we are able to take your
measurements, observe your figure conditions and select for you
the proper corset to bring out the best possible lines in your figure,
as well as one that will meet your individual requirements.

   15. "We believe, Mrs. B., that when you know the healthfulness,
comfort and beauty of a Spirella corset you will feel that you can-
not be without one."

   16. [Here give the prepared demonstration of the Spirella stay.]

   17. You have already observed the client's requirements.
Emphasize that specific merit of the stay in your demonstration
that will apply to her personal need. This method of procedure
should result in obtaining the order.

   18. Should the client ask the price of the corset, say: "I cannot
tell you the exact price until I have measured you. You see your
corset will be built especially to meet your need. I cannot tell what
corset you require until I have taken your measurements and studied
your figure. You know a dressmaker does not quote a price until
she knows the kind of gown you want and the material from which
it is to be made. I assure you, Mrs. B., the price will be law consid-
ering the value you will receive."

   19. Now is the time to make the suggestion far taking her
measurements. Make it in such a way that it will be easy and
natural for the client to answer "yes." For instance, do not say,
"May I take your measurements?" Make a positive statement,
such as, "I will now take your measurements," or "Mrs. B., I am
now ready to take your measurements."

   20. Proceed to take her measurements and write them down in
the "Memorandum Order Book." when you have studied her figure
and decided upon the corset necessary, take the book of materials
and open it to the sample of an attractive material of suitable
quality; holding the sample book open toward the client, with the
thumb and finger and say: "we have a very good selection of
beautiful materials, Mrs. B. A corset in this material would cost

   21. Should the client say, "Oh, I cannot afford to pay that much
for my corset," answer:

   "Price must be in proportion to value received; the amount
you pay far a corset is really a matter of habit, Mrs. B. You think
nothing of paying a good price for a hat, and perhaps buy several
of them in a season. One corset is expected to give you good ser-
vice for six months or a year. You buy several pairs of shoes a
year and probably pay good prices for them. The corset is the
foundation of dress. Properly fitted corsets, made to meet your.
individual requirements, are more important than well fitting shoes,
and much more important than beautiful hats. While the corset
itself may not be seen, it has the greatest effect upon your health,
comfort, style and poise, as well as upon the fit of your gowns. It
can either make or mar your appearance. I showed you this ma-
terial first because I know that you appreciate attractive material.
We have other materials in which I could make you the same cor-
set for a smaller amount." [Quote price of the next suitable ma-

   22. You have your client's measurements in your "Memorandum
Order Book." You now fill in the date and say: "How much will
you deposit, Mrs. B?" Should the client say, "Oh, do I have to
make a deposit?" You reply, "Yes, Mrs. B., that is the com-
pany's rule. All Spirella corsets are made to order. Inasmuch as
this corset is made especially for you, you can see the necessity
of such a rule. This is a general rule, not personal, and all busi-
ness firms require a deposit on an order where they cut into ma-
terial." Should the client say: "Haw much of a deposit do you
require? Answer "Two dollars, or more if you wish." [The de-
posit may vary according to the price of the corset.]

   23. Give Mrs. B. the memorandum slip, filling out the receipt
on the back for the amount deposited. Gather together the arti-
cles you have been using and prepare to leave promptly, saying:
"Mrs. B., it has given me real pleasure to take your measurements
and make this study of your requirements. As soon as your corset
comes, I will let you know and will adjust it for you, so that I
may be absolutely certain that everything is quite all right, a cor-
set that will be a real pleasure and benefit to you as long as you
wear it. It is to my interest to satisfy you completely. I am
building a permanent business and I know that satisfying my
clients is the best possible foundation."

   24. If it is not convenient for Mrs. B. to have her measurements
taken at this time, make a definite appointment for an early date and
be careful to keep it promptly. Ask for an interview with other
corset wearers in the family and interest them.

   25. Just before you leave the client's home say:

       "Mrs. B., by the way, no doubt you have recently heard some
friend of yours express herself as desiring relief from some corset
trouble, or, as not being perfectly satisfied with the one she is wear-
ing. I would appreciate your giving me her name. Kindly write
it on this card, (here present the introductory card, Form 606)
with your signature. This will afford me a personal introduction.
Thank you. Good morning, Mrs. B."

   26. Make a practice of calling on every corset wearer at stated
intervals. In this way you will eventually secure all of them as
your clients.