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xi CONTENTS PACK CHAPTER IV Urban Growth and Internal Migration Migration cityward not of recent origin : References in the literature of four- teenth and subsequent centuries 230 London's immigrants in 1580 and 1880 compared 232 The rapid urban growth of the nineteenth century a result of the reduction of mortality 233 The course of evolution as shown in Swedish statistics 237 Modern European cities 239 Natural increase and immigration compared, for {a) Great cities, (^) Urban population 240 Critical review 246 Statistics of birth-place 247 The volume of internal migration 248 Migration in different countries compared 249 Interstate migration decreasing in the United States 25 1 Internal migration increasing in Continental Europe 252 Nature of the migratory movement : (i) Predominantly for short distances 255 (2) Cities the centres of attraction 255 (3) Magnitude of the city affects the average distance traversed by migrants , 259 (4) The larger the city, the greater its proportion of outsiders .... 260 American conditions 263 No progression through places of increasing magnitude 267 Mobility of population, {a) rural, {b) urban, (r) large cities 273 Character of migrants : (i) Sex 276 (2) Age . , • 280 (3) Length of residence 282 CHAPTER V THE STRUCTURE OF CITY POPULATIONS I. Sex — The cities contain a larger proportion of women than do the rural populations 285 Causes, immigration of females ? 289 emigration of males ? 290 ratio of the sexes at birth ? 294 heavy infant mortality ? 295 adult male mortality ? 296