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BAREILLY — BARLETTA 147 inhabitants, but is now only 9000. Among public the town has been improved since 1893; its depth varies buildings are Government house, the theatre, market, from 11^ to 28 ft. The old harbour, on the E., is only two hospitals, the Masonic temple, and several churches used by fishing-boats. The exports average £2,279,700 and educational institutions. It is an important com- annually (£2,521,700 in 1899); the imports £1,185,800 mercial market. (£1,418,200 in 1899). The former consist principally of Bareilly, or Bareli, a city and district of British olive oil, wine, almonds, and cream of tartar. The shipping India, in the Rohilkhand division of the North-West Pro- entering the port increased from 945 vessels of 430,242 vinces. The city is situated on the Ramganga river, 788 tons in 1888 to 1789 vessels of 945,400 tons in 1899 (77 miles north-west from Calcutta. The population in 1891 vessels of 98,780 tons being British). Population, of town was 107,785, of whom more than half were Hindus; (1881), 60,575; (1901), 79,693 ; of province (1881), in 1901, 117,433. The municipality consists of thirty- 679,497; (1901), 823,998. seven members, of whom twenty-seven are elected, but no Bari 11", a town of 21,000 inhabitants, on the west interest is taken in the elections. The municipal income coast of Cebu, Philippine Islands, in latitude 10° 16' N. It in 1897-98 was Rs. 1,19,226. The principal buildings has a relatively cool and healthful climate. Its people are two mosques built in the 17th century; a modern are agriculturists and raise Indian corn, sibucao, hemp, fort overlooking the cantonments; the railway station, cacao and coffee. The language is Cebu-Visayan. which is an important junction on the Oudh and RohilBaring: Land. See North-West Territories. khand line; the palace of the Nawab of Rampur, and the Barisal, a town of British India, headquarters of Government college. Bareilly is the headquarters of a military division under a brigadier. The chief manu- Backergunje district in Bengal, is situated on a river factures are furniture and upholstery. In 1896-97 the of the same name. Population, about 15,500. It is an college had 123 students. There is also an efficient high important centre of river trade, on the steamer route school. There are ten printing-presses, and an Anjuman, through the Sundarbans from Calcutta to the Brahmaor literary institute, with a library and reading-room. The putra. It contains two colleges, opened without aid from government, and an English high school. There death-rate in 1897 was 34*13 per 1000. The district of Bareilly has an area of 1595 square are four printing-presses, which issue two vernacular miles; it had a population in 1891 of 1,040,950, being 652 newspapers; a public library, established by subscription persons per square mile, and in 1901 of 1,089,550, show- in 1858; and a students’ union, for helping the sick and ing an increase of 5 per cent. Classified according to poor and promoting the intellectual and physical improvereligion, Hindus in 1891 numbered 790,479 ; Mahom- ment of boys. Barisal has given its name to a curious medans, 245,073; Christians, 5271, of whom 2437 were physical phenomenon, known as the “ Barisal guns,” the Europeans (mostly soldiers); “others,” 127. The land cause of which has not yet been satisfactorily explained. revenue and rates were Rs. 15,56,303, the incidence of These are noises, like the report of cannon, frequently assessment being R.l :5:9 per acre ; the number of police heard in the channels of the delta of the Brahmaputra. was 3055. In 1896-97, out of a total cultivated area of Barka. See Tripoli. 718,604 acres, 74,292 were irrigated from the Rohilkhand Barking:, a market town and railway station in the system of Government canals, and 94,045 from wells, Romford parliamentary division of Essex, England, on the tanks, &c. There are no manufactures except for domestic Roding, near the Thames, 7 miles E. of Whitechapel church. use, and little external trade. Several lines of the Oudh Ilford, which was once a ward of Barking parish, was and Rohilkhand railway pass through the district. separated from the town in 1888, and now forms a civil parish under the metropolitan police. Victoria Gardens Barentin, a town in the arrondissement of Rouen, department of Seine Inferieure, France, 11 miles N.W. of and a recreation ground have been opened, public baths Rouen, with station on the railway from Paris to Havre. erected, and the electric light installed. The Gaslight and The town is situated in the valley of the Austreberte, a Coke Company’s works at Becton are in the parish, and small affluent of the Seine, here crossed at a height of also Warne and Company’s rubber works, formerly of 100 feet by a fine railway viaduct, 540 yards long. The Tottenham, and both works employ a large number of manufacture of cotton fabrics is the principal industry. hands, who reside in the town. Area, 3814 acres; population (1881), 9203; (1891), 14,301 ; (1901), 21,511. Population (1896), 4413, comm., 5082. Barkly, two towns in Cape Colony:—1. BarUy Barguzin, a district town of East Siberia, province of Transbaikalia, on the Barguzin river, 27 miles from its East lies in an upland valley near the river Kraal, which entrance into Lake Baikal. It is situated in a large longi- joins the left bank of the Orange a short distance above tudinal valley Avhich runs at the foot of the border range of Aliwal North, and has an estimated population of the Vitim plateau, and ends in a wide prairie. Important over 2000; 2. BarTdy West, formerly Klip-drift, stands gold mines are worked in its district; hot mineral waters on the right bank of the Vaal opposite Pniel in Griquaare near to the town, at Turka. Population (1897), 1380. land West, about 24 miles to the north-west of Kimberley, and was the site of the first diamonds from rivei'-diggings, Bar Harbor, a well-known summer resort in which between 1870 and 1886 yielded stones to the total Hancock county, Maine, U.S.A., situated on the west value of over £2,000,000, but are now nearly exhausted. shore of Frenchman Bay, on the east side of Mount Desert The diamonds of this district are noted for their purity Island. and lustre, and are generally associated with other Bari, a seaport town, archiepiscopal see, and capital crystals,—garnets, agates, quartz, and chalcedonies. After of the province of Bari, Apulia, Italy, on the Adriatic, 69 the discovery of the Kimberley diamond fields most of miles N.W. from Brindisi by rail. The citadel is now used the Vaal diggings were abandoned, and the population of as a prison. The Athenaeum contains a technical school Barkly has fallen from about 400Q to less than 2000. and the provincial museum. University classes are held Barletta, a fortified seaport town and archiepiscopal here; and there is a nautical school. Bari is the seat of see of the province of Bari, Apulia, Italy, on the S. shore of active industries—engineering works and foundries, olive- the Gulf of Manfredonia, 42 miles E.S.E. from Foggia, In oil mills, and cooperages being the most important. The 1887 it had an export trade in wine (90 per cent.), brandy, men make excellent sailors. The harbour on the west of and tartaric acid of the aggregate value of £1,655,000.