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11 KHNOPPF, Fernand : chevalier de 1’ordre LANG, Andrew, M.A., LL.D.; Hon. Fel of Shakespeare,’ ‘Lord Herbert of Cher bury’s de Leopold, de St Michel de Baviere; Vicelow of Merton Coll., Oxford; author of ‘ApPres. de Cercle artistique et litteraire de Autobiography, with a continuation of his Life,’ pantions,’ ‘Ballad,’ ‘Family,’ ‘Moliere,’ in ‘A Life of William Shakespeare.’ (S. L.) Bruxelles, etc. (P, g*.) Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency. Brit.,’ ‘ Oxford,’ ‘ Helen KIDD, Benjamin; author of ‘Social EvoluLEE-WARNER, Sir William, K.C.S.I., ‘Custom and Myth,’ ‘Myth, Ritual, and Religion, ‘Life, Letters, and Diaries of M.A. ; Secretary in the Political and Secret tion,' ‘Principles of Western Civilization,’ etc. (B. K*.) Departments of the India Oflice ; Fellow of the fi?t , Stafford Northcote,’ ‘ PickleTranslations the Spy,’ _“°ok of Dreams and Ghosts,’ University of Bombay; entered Indian Civil KIRK, Edward C., D.D.S.; Dean of the ssey wi Service, 1869; political agent at Kolhapur; ?r,9?^ ’ ( tfi Professor Butcher), and Department of Dentistry, and Professor of ‘Ihad (with Myers and Walter Leaf); ‘The Under-Secretary in Foreign Office of India; Clinical Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania ; World s Desire ’ (with Rider Haggard), ‘ The Secretary to the Government of Bombay in Member of the National Dental Association and Political and Judicial Departments; Chief Making of Religion,’ ‘The Companions of the American Academy of Dental Science; fickle, A History of Scotland from the Roman Commissioner of Coorg and Resident in editor of ‘ The American Text-book of Operative Occupation,' ‘Prince Charles Edward,’ ‘Magic Mysore; additional member of the Viceroy’s Dentistry,' and of ‘The Dental Cosmos’ and Religion,’ ‘The Mystery of Mary Stuart,’ Council; served on Education Commission, the etc Magazine. (E. C. K.) Financial Commission, etc. ; author of ‘ The (A. L.) Protected Princes of India,’ ‘The Citizen of KNIGHT, Major John G. D., Corps of Indla M.B., D.Sc.

lecturer in Engineers, U.S.A., A.M.; Commandant U.S. -’ (W. L.-W.) botany, Queen Margaret’s Coll., Glasgow Engineer School; in charge of U.S. Engineer author of ‘Memoirs on Morphology,’ ‘The LEGGE, J. G. ; Chief Inspector of Reformatory Depot, 1895 -1901, of Torpedo Defence, E. Development of the Higher Cryptogams,’ and Industrial Schools, Home Office. (J. G. L.) etc entrance N.Y Harbour, 1898-1901; on Board of (W. H. L.) LEGGE, Robin H. ; editor of ‘Music in the U.S. Torpedo System, 1896-1901. (J. G-. D. K.) I,A r - S ER Edwin Nineteenth Century.’ (R. h. L.) ?iF.R.S.; ?F THon. >Fellow of Exeter Ray, Coll. M.A., Oxford LL.D.,:• KNOTT, Cargill Gilston, D.Sc.; Lecturer LEONARD, Rt. Rev. Abiel, A.M., S.T.D.; on Applied Mathematics, Edinburgh UniCorrespondent of the Institute of France Bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake. (A. Le.) versity; Assistant to Professor of Natural Director of the Natural History Department Philosophy, Edinburgh University, 1879 - 83; of the British Museum; Fullerian Professor LEVEY, George Collins, C.M.G. ; London Prof, of Physics, Imperial University, Japan, of Physiology and Comparative Anatomy in Correspondent of ‘ Melbourne Age ’; editor and 1883-91 ; conducted Magnetic Survey of Japan, the Royal Institution of London, 1898-1900 • proprietor of ‘Melbourne Herald,’ 1863-68; 1887; awarded Keith Prize (Roy. Soc. Edin.) editor and contributor to ‘Melbourne Age,’ Fellow and Lecturer, Exeter Coll., 1872; Profor work on magnetic strains, 1897; author of 1869-81 ; Secretary to Commissioners for Vicfessor of Zoology and Compar. Anat. Univ. ‘Ice,’ ‘Pneumatics,’ in Ninth Edition of toria at the Exhibitions in London, Paris, Coll., London, 1874-90; Regius Professor Natu‘Ency. Brit., ‘Physics,’ etc. (C. G. K.) ral History, Edinburgh, 1882; Linacre ProVienna, Philadelphia, Melbourne, 1873, 1876, 1878, 1880-81; Executive Commissioner, Amfessor of Comparative Anatomy, Oxford, 1891KNOWIiING, Richard John, D.D.; Prosterdam, 1883; Secretary Royal Commission, 1898; Royal Medallist Royal Society, 1885; fessor of New Testament Exegesis in King’s Hobart Exhibition, 1894-95 ; Secretary Colonial Vice-President Royal Society, 1896; Founder College, London, 1894 ; Fellow, 1899 ; Examiner (1884), President (1892) Marine Biological Adelaide.Exhibition, 1887; Committee of Royal for Hall-Houghton Prizes at Oxford, 1897, Commission to Paris Exhibition, 1900 ; member Association (Plymouth Laboratory); Correand in Theology at Durham, 1895-96; Select of Board of Advice to Agent - General of Vicspondent of the Institute of France; Corr. Preacher at Cambridge, 1895 ; author of toria; author of ‘Handbook to Australasia,* Mem. Imp. Acad. Sciences, St Petersburg; ‘ Witness of the Epistles,’ ‘ Acts of the Apostles,’ Australian Encyclopaedia.* (G-. C. L.) For. Mem. Royal Bq^emian Society of Sciences, etc. (R. j. K*.) of the New York Academy of Sciences, of LEWES, Vivian B., F.I.C., F.C.S.; Professor KOREN, John; author of ‘•Economic Aspects the Academy of the Lincei of Rome, of the of Chemistry, Royal Naval College; Chief of the Liquor Problem,’ etc. (J. K.) Royal Belgian Academy, and of the Academy of Superintending Gas Examiner to the CorporaSciences of Philadelphia ; editor since 1869 of KRAUS, Professor Dr F. X., the late; tion of the City of London. (V. B. L.) ‘ Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science ’; Professor of Ecclesiastical History at the Uniauthor of ‘Hydrozoa,’ ‘Mollusca,’ ‘Mussel,’ LEWIS, Charlton T., Ph.D. ; President N.Y. versity of Freiburg in Bresigau. (F. X. K.) Prison Association, N.J. State Charities Aid ‘Polyzoa,’ ‘Protozoa,’ ‘Vertebrata,’ ‘Zoology,’ KROPOTKIN, Prince Peter Alexei m Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘A MonoAssociation ; Chairman of Commission to revise yitch; Gold Medal of Russian Geographical graph of Cephalaspidian Fishes,’ ‘ComparaPenal Laws of New Jersey; Lecturer on Life Society, 1864; crossed North Manchuria from tive Longevity,’ ‘ Developmental History of Insurance, Harvard and Columbia Universities Transbaikalia to the Amur, 1864; Secretary to the Mollusca,’ ‘Degeneration,’ ‘The Advanceand on Principles of Insurance, Cornell UniPhysical Geography Section of Geographical ment of Science,’ ‘Zoological Articles’; jointversity; author of ‘History of Germany.’ Society; author of ‘Lithuanians,’ ‘Nijnieditor of ‘ Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry e Essays, Addresses, etc. (C. T. L.) Huxle Novgorod,’‘NovaZembla,’ ‘Poland,’ ‘Siberia,’ y-’ (E. R. L.) I* YLAND, John; writer on naval ques‘Tomsk,’ ‘Warsaw, ’ etc., in Ninth Edition of LARMQR, tions Joseph, M.A., D.Sc., Sec.R.S.; (J. Ld.) ‘Bncy. Brit.,’ ‘General Sketch of the OroFellow of St John’s Coll., Camb. ; Univergraphy of East Siberia,’ ‘ In Russian and Rev. John James, M.A.; Professor sity Lecturer in Mathematics ; Professor of EIAS, French Prisons,’ ‘ Recent Science in Nineof Modern Literature, St David’s Coll., LamNatural Philosophy, Queen’s Coll., Galway, teenth Century,’ ‘The State, its Part in Hispeter, 1871-1880; examining chaplain to Bishop and in the Queen’s University in Ireland, 1880tory,’ ‘ Memoirs of a Revolutionist.’ (P. A. K.) of Llandaff, 1887-98; Chancellor of Llandaff 1885, and formerly Fellow of the Royal UniCathedral; author of ‘ Science in Relation to versity ; Examiner in Mathematics and Natural Miracles,’ ‘The Nicene Creed,’ ‘A Plea for Philosophy in the Univ. of London; lately Rationality in Ceremonial,’ etc. (J. J. L*.) President of the Cambridge Philosophical Society ; Treasurer of the London Mathematical LIDDELL, F. F., M.A. ; Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford; Barrister, Lincoln’s Inn; Society ; author, of ‘ Hither and Matter,’ and editor of ‘ Manual of Military Laws.’ (F. F. L.) LABBE, Alphonse, Docteur es sciences ; chief various Memoirs on Mathematics and of the Laboratory of Zoology, University of Physics. (j, L* ; LIGHTFOOT, T. B., M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E. ; Paris ; author of ‘ La Cytologie experimentale,’ ^-A-^Q-HTON, John Knox, M.A.; Professor author of ‘ The Mechanical Refrigeration of Air,’ ‘ Recherches zoologiques et biologiques sur les ‘Preservation of Foods by Cold,’ etc. (T. B. L.) Modern History, King’s Coll., London; Secreparasites du sang des vertebres,’ etc. (A. L*.) tary of the Navy Records Society; served in LILLIE, Arthur; champion Grand National LAMB, Horace, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.; ChairBaltic during the Russian War, 1854-55 ; in Croquet Club, 1872; author of ‘■Croquet,’ man of Convocation, and of the General Board China, 1856-59; afterwards in Mediterranean ‘ Croquet Up to Date,’ etc. (A. Li.) of Studies, Victoria University; Professor of and Channel ; Mathematical and Naval InLITTLEJOHN, Henry Harvey, M.B., Mathematics, Owens Coll., Victoria Univ., Manstructor, Royal Naval College, Portsmouth, B.Sc., F.R.C.S. Ed.; Lecturer in Medical Jurischester ; member of Council of the Royal 1866-73; also at Greenwich, and lecturer on prudence, School of Medicine of the Royal Society, 1894-96 ; President of the Manchester Meteorology, 1873-85 ; Pres. R. Met. Soc. 1882College of Physicians and Surgeons of EdinLiterary and Philosophical Society, 1899-1901 ; 1884; Honorary Fellow, Caius College, Camburgh. (H. H. L.) Fellow and Assistant Tutor, Trinity Coll., bridge, 1895; author of‘Farragut,’ ‘Fitzroy’ Camb., 1872-75 ; Professor of Mathematics, in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Physical LLOYD, Lt.-Col. E. M., R.E. ; author of University of Adelaide, 1875-85; author of Geography in its Relation to the Prevailing ‘ Vauban, Montalembert, Carnot: Engineer ‘Motion of Fluids,’ ‘Hydrodynamics,’ ‘InWinds and Currents,’ ‘Studies in Naval Studies,’ etc. (E. M. L.) finitesimal Calculus.’ (H. Lb.) History,’ ‘Nelson and his Companions in LLOYD, Henry Demarest, author of Arms,’ ‘Life of Henry Reeve,’ ‘Sea Fights LANE-POOLE, Stanley, M.A., Litt.D.; Pro‘Wealth against Commonwealth,’ ‘Labor Coand Adventures,’ ‘Letters and Despatches fessor of Arabic at Trin. Coll. Dublin; empartnership,’ etc. (H. D. L*.) of Lord Nelson,’ ‘Defeat of the Spanish ployed in Coin Department of British Museum, Armada.’ (J. K. L.) LOCH, Charles Stewart, B.A.; Secretary 1874-92 ; sent by Government on archaeological to tne Council of the London Charity Organizamissions to Egypt, 1883, and Russia, 1886; LAWRENCE, Rt. Rev. William, D.D., tion Society since 1875; Member Royal Comemployed by Egyptian Government on archaeoS.T.D.; Bishop of Massachusetts; sometime mission on Aged Poor, 1893-95; Dunkin Trust logical research at Cairo, 1895-97 ; corr. member Professor of Homiletics and Pastoral Theology, Lecturer, Manchester College, Oxford, 1896; of the Imperial Russian Archaeological Society ; and Dean Episcopal Theological School, CamVice - President Royal Statistical Society, lecturer at the Royal Institution, 1900 ; author bridge, U.S. A.; author of‘Life of Amos A. Law1894, 1895, 1897, 1901; author of ‘Charity of ‘ Catalogue of the Oriental andlndian Coins rence,’ ‘Proportional Representation in the Organization,’ ‘Old Age Pensions and Pauperin the British Museum,’ ‘ Lord Stratford de House of Clerical and Lay Delegates,’ ‘ Visions (C. S. L.) and Service.’ (W. L.) Redclifle,’ ‘E. W. Lane,’ ‘Saladin,’ ‘Histories of the Moors in Spain,’ ‘ Turkey,’ ‘ The Barbary LAYARD, George S.; English art writer; LOCOCK, Col. Herbert, C.B. ; retired Corsairs,’ ‘The Mahommedan Dynasties,’ ‘The Colonel of Royal Engineers; Assist. Director author of ‘Charles Keene,’ ‘Mrs Lynn Linton,’ Mogul Emperors,’ ‘ Egypt in the Middle Ages,’ of Works at Headquarters, 1881-86; Depy. ‘ Portraits of Cruikshank by Himself,’ ‘ TennyInspector-General of Fortifications at Head‘ Egypt,’ ‘ The Art of the Saracens of Egypt,’ son and his Pre - Raphaelite Illustrators,' ‘Cairo,’ etc., edited ‘Lane’s Arabic Lexicon,’ quarters, 1887-96. (H. Lo.) etc(G. S. L.) LODGE, ‘Arabian Society in the Middle Ages,’ ‘ Life of Oliver Joseph, F.R.S., D.Sc., General Chesney.’ (S. L.-P.) LECLilRE, Ldon; Professor of Universal LL.D.

Principal of the University of BirmingHistory and History of Philosophy, University ham ; Professor of Physics, University Coll., LANESSAN, J. M. A. de; Agr. de la of Brussels. (L. L.) Liverpool, 1881-1900; author of ‘Elementary faculte de Medicine; French Minister of Marine; Mechanics,’ ‘ Modern Views of Electricity,’ formerly Governor - General of Indo-China ; LEE, Sidney, B.A., Litt.D.; editor of Diction‘Pioneers of Science,’ ‘Signalling without author of ‘La Tunisie,’ ‘L’expansion coloniale ary of National Biography and Supplement ; Wires,’ etc. (O. J. L.) de la France,’ ‘ LTndo - Chine franqaise,’ ‘ Du Clark Lecturer in English Literature, Trin. Protoplasme vegetal,’ ‘ La Matiere, la Vie et les Coll., Cambridge, 1901; author of ‘Stratford- LORD, J. K., Professor of the Latin Lanetres vivants.’ (J. M. A. de L.) on-Avon from the Earliest Times to the Death guage and Literature, Dartmouth College,