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NORTON, Charles Eliot, LL.D.; Professor Expedition ; British Commissioner under Angloof the History of Art, Harvard ; Dante scholar Chinese Convention of 1890; Deputy Commisand translator ; author of ‘ Church Buildings sioner of Darjeeling. (A. W. P.) in the Middle Ages ’; editor of ‘ Letters of PEACH, Capt. E., Indian Staff Corps ; author James Russell Lowell,’ ‘Correspondence of of ‘ Tactics—Savage Warfare,’ etc. (E. P.) Carlyle and Emerson,’ ‘Writings of George William Curtis,’ etc. (C. E. N.) PEARSON, Karl, M.A., LL.B., F.R.S. ; Professor of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, NORTON, Professor Richard N. ; AmeriUniversity College, London ; Gresham Professor can School of Archseology, Rome. (R. N. N.) of Geometry, 1892-94; Darwin Medal Royal NOTTER, Col. J. Lane, M.A., M.D., Society, 1898 ; author of ‘Grammar of Science,’ R.A.M.C., F.C.S.; late Prof, of Military ‘ Enlarged Grammar of Science,’ ‘ The Chances Hygiene, Netley; author of ‘The Theory and of Death, and other Studies in Evolution,’ Practice of Hygiene,’ etc. (J. L. N.) ‘The Ethic of Freethought,’ ‘Die Fronica, a History of the Mediaeval Portraits of Christ,’ etc. (K. P.) PELSENUR, PAUL, D.Sc. (Brussels); cor. 0 member of the Royal Belgian Academy of Science; member of the Belgian Committee of O’DONOGHUE, Freeman M., F.S.A. ; Mariculture; Professor in the Normal School, Assistant Keeper of Prints, British Museum; Ghent; lecturer, Brussels University; author author of ‘ Catalogue of the Collection of Playing of ‘ Introduction a TEtude des Mollusques,’ Cards bequeathed to the British Museum by ‘Report on the Pteropoda,' ‘The Anatomy of Lady Charlotte Schneber,’ ‘A Descriptive and the Deep-Sea Mollusca,’ etc. (P. P.) Classified Catalogue of the Portraits of Queen Elizabeth,’ etc. (F. M. O’D.) PEMBREY. Marcus Seymour, M.A., M.D.; Lecturer in Physiology, Guy’s Hospital O'NEILL, .fEneas : ‘The Times’ Office, Medical School. " (M. S. P.) Vienna. (iE. O’N.) ORDE-BROWNE, Capt. C., the late; PENDEREL - BRODHURST, James author of ‘Armour and its Attack by Artillery,’ George Joseph; editor of ‘Land,’ 1881-83, ‘ Short Notes on Field Batteries,’ ‘ Ammunition assistant editor of ‘ St James’s Gazette,’ 1888for Rifled Ordnance,’ etc. (C. O.-B.) 93, editor of ‘ St James’s Budget,’ 1889-98; author of ‘ The Life and Times of King Edward OWEN, Capt. C. R. B., R.A. ; late ProVII.,’part author of ‘The Royal River and fessor of Artillery, Ordnance College; Assist. Abbeys and Churches of England and Superintendent, Roy. Carriage Dept., Woolwich Wales.’ (J. G. J. P.-B.) Arsenal. (C. R. B. O.) Joseph, artist; author of ‘ A CanOWEN, Edmund, M.B. Lond., F.R.C.S.; PENNELL, terbury Pilgrimage,’ ‘An Italian Pilgrimage,’ Senior Surgeon to St Mary’s Hospital, London, ‘Two Pilgrims’ Progress,’ ‘Our Sentimental and Consulting Surgeon to the Children’s HosJourney through France and Italy,’ ‘Pen Drawpital, Great Ormond Street; Member of the ing and Pen Draughtsmen,’ ‘Our Journey to Council, and late Member of the Court of Exthe Hebrides,’ ‘The Stream of Pleasure,’ ‘The aminers of Royal College of Surgeons ; Examiner Jew at Home,’ ‘Play in Provence, ‘Modern in Surgery at the Universities of Cambridge Illustration,’ ‘ The Illustration of Books, ‘The and of London ; Knight of Grace of the Order Work of Charles Keene,’ ‘ Lithography and of St John of Jerusalem; Corresponding Lithographers.’ (J. P*.) Member of the Imperial Medical Military Academy of St Petersburg, of the Canadian PERSHING, James H., A.B.; Lecturer on Medical Association, and of the Association of International Law in the University of Denver, American Orthopaedic Surgeons; Hon. Surgeon and Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in to the Royal Society of Musicians ; late PresiGross Medical College, Denver. (J. H. Pe.) dent of the Medical Society of London ; author PETERSON, Frederick, Ph.D., M.D.; Presiof ‘ A Manual of Anatomy for Senior Students,’ dent New York Neurological Society and Presi‘The Surgical Diseases of Children.’ (E. O*.) dent of the Board of Managers of Craig Colony for Epileptics, Chief of Clinic, Department of Neurology, Columbia University. (F. P*.) P PETRIE, William Matthew Flinders, D.C.L., Litt.D., LL.D., Ph.D. ; Edwards ProPAGET, Sir John R., Bart., LL.B., K.C. ; fessor of Egyptology, University Coll. London ; Gilbart Lecturer on Banking. (J. R. P*.) surveying British remains, 1875-80 ; excavating in Egypt, 1880-1901 ; author of ‘ Pyramid,” PAGET, Stephen, F.R.C.S.; Surgeon to West ‘ Weights and Measures,’ in Ninth Edition of London Hospital; Surgeon to Throat and Ear ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Stonehenge,’ ‘Pyramids and Department, Middlesex Hospital; author of Temples of Gizeh,’ ‘ Season in Egypt,’ ‘ Racial ‘The Surgery of the Chest,’ ‘John Hunter,’ Portraits,’ ‘Historical Scarabs,’ ‘Ten Years’ ‘Ambroise Pare and his Times,’ Experiments Digging,’ ‘History of Egypt,’ ‘Tel el Amarna,’ on Animals,’ ‘ Memoirs and Letters of Sir James ‘Egyptian Tales,’ ‘Decorative Art,’ ‘Six TemPaget.’ (S. P.) ples at Thebes,’ ‘Religion and Conscience in PALGRAVE, Robert Harry Inglis, Ancient Egypt,’ ‘Syria and Egypt,’ ‘Royal F.R.S. ; editor of ‘Economist,’ 1877-83 ; author Tombs of the First Dynasty,’ ‘Royal Tombs of of ‘The Local Taxation of Great Britain and the Earliest Dynasties,’ etc. (W. M. F. P.) Ireland,’ ‘Notes on Banking in Great Britain and Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and Hamburg,’ PFEIL, Count Joachim Von, one of the founders of German East Africa; sometime resi‘ An Analysis of the Transactions of the Bank dent in Bismarck Archipelago ; author of ‘ The of England for the years 1844-72,’ ‘ Bank Rate Founding of the Boer States,’ ‘ Studies and Obin England, France, and Germany, 1844servations in the South Seas,’ etc. (J- VON P.) 1878 ’ ; editor of ‘ Dictionary of Political Economy.’ (R. H. I. P.) PHELAN, Hon. James Duval; Mayor of PAPILLON, Rev. Thomas Leslie, M.A.; San Francisco, 1896-1901. (J. b. P.) late Fellow of Merton Coll, and of New Coll., PHILLIMORE, George Grenville, M.A., Oxford; author of ‘ A Manual of Comparative B.C.L. ; Barrister - at - Law of the Middle Philology ’; editor Dean Bradley’s ‘ Aids to Temple. (G. G. P*.) Writing Latin Prose,’ etc. (T. L. P.) Sir Walter George PARKIN, George Robert, LL.D., C.M.G. ; PHILLIMORE, Frank, Bt., D.C.L., LL.D. ; Judge of the Principal of Upper Canada College, Toronto, King’s Bench Div. ; author of ‘ Book of Church Canada; author of ‘Imperial Federation,’ Law,’ 2nd ed. of ‘ Phillimore’s Ecclesiastical ‘Round the Empire,’ ‘The Great Dominion,’ Law, 3rd ed. of vol. iv. of ‘ Phillimore’s Inter‘ Life and Letters of Edward Thring.’ (G. R. P.) national Law. (W. G. F. P.) PARSONS, William Barclay: Chief En- PHILLIPS, R. W., M.A., D.Sc., F.L.S.; Progineer of the Underground Railway, New York fessor of Botany in the University Coll, of North City. (W. B. P.) Wales; author of ‘ Memoirs on the PhysiPASCO, Hon. Samuel; Member of the Nicaraology of Plants,’ ‘Morphology of the Alga-,’ gua Canal Commission, United States Senator etc. (R. W. P.) from the State of Florida, 1887-99. (S. Pa.) PHILLPOTTS, Col. A. H. C., R.A. (A. H. C. P.) PATON, Diarmid Noel, M.D., B.Sc., F.R.C.P. Ed. ; Superintendent of Research PINCHOT, Gifford, B.A. ; Forester of the Laboratory of Royal College of Physicians, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Special LecEdinburgh, 1889; Lecturer on Physiology, turer in the Forest School, Yale Univ.; author School of Medicine of Royal Colleges, Edinof ‘The White Pine.’ (G. P.) burgh, 1886 ; Biological Fellow of Edinburgh University, 1884; Member of the Royal Com- PITMAN, Charles Murray; stroke of the mission on Salmon Fisheries; author of many Oxford Eight, 1893-95. Author of articles on papers on Physiological subjects. (D. N. P.) Rowing. (C. M. P.) PAUL, Alfred Wallis. C.I.E., B.A.; late PITT, Walter, M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E.; Member of Scholar of Wadham College, Oxford; Indian the Committee of International Maritime ConCivil Service (retired) : Political Officer Sikkim ference (London), etc. (W. P*.)

POLLEN, John Hungerford, M.A.; Examiner for Art, South Kensington; Fellow of Merton Coll., Oxford; Professor of Fine Arts in Catholic University of Dublin; Cantor Lecturer, Society of Arts, 1885; author of ‘ Carving,’ ‘ Filigree,’ ‘ Furniture,’ in Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Ancient and Modern Furniture and Woodwork,’ ‘Ancient and Modern Gold- and Silver-smiths’ Work, ‘The Trojan Column,’ etc. (J. h. P.) POLLOCK, Sir Frederick, Bt., LL.D., D.C.L. ; Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence, Oxford ; editor of the Law Reports from 1895 ; Fellow Trin. Coll., Camb. 1868 ; Corresponding member Institute of France, 1894 ; Professor of Jurisprudence, University Coll., London, 188283; Professor of Common Law in the Inns of Court, 1884-90 ; member Royal Labour Commission, 1891-94 ; author of ‘Sword,’ ‘Tort’ in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘ Principles of Contract,’ ‘The Law of Torts,’ ‘Digest of the Law of Partnership,’ ‘ The Land Laws,’ ‘ History of English Law,’ ‘Spinoza, Life and Philosophy,’ ‘A First Book of Jurisprudence,’ ‘The Etchingham Letters,’ 1899 (with E. Fuller Maitland). (F. Po.) POORE, George Vivian, M.D. ; Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, University College, London; medical attendant to late Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, 1870-71 ; and Prince of Wales, 1872; received Dannebrog for professional services to the Princess Thyra, Duchess of Cumberland, 1872; Physician University Coll. Hospital, 1876 ; Secretary-General of Sanitary Congress, 1891, etc.; author of ‘Essays on Rural Hygiene,’ ‘A Treatise on Medical Jurisprudence.’ (G. V. P.) PORTER, W. Haldane, B.A. ; Barrister, Middle Temple; Chancellor’s English Essay, Oxford, 1893. (W. H. Po.) POST, George B.; Architect; Member of the Am. Society of Civil Engineers. (G. B. P.) POTTER, Rt. Rev. Henry Codman, D.D., LL.D.; Bishop of the Diocese of New York; author of ‘ The Church and Her Children, ‘The Scholar and the State,’ etc. (H. C. P.) POULTON, Edward Bagnall, M.A., D.Sc.; Hon. LL.D. Princeton, F.R.S. ; Hope Professor of Zoology, Oxford ; Fellow of Jesus Coll., Oxford ; Member of Council of Royal Society, 1897-99; Member of Hebdomadal Council of Oxford ; Demonstrator in Anatomical Department of University Museum, 1877-79 ; Lecturer in Natural Science, and tutor of Keble College, Oxford, 1880-89: Lecturer in Natural Science, Jesus College, Oxford, 1880-88 ; author of ‘ The Colours of Animals,’ ‘Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection,’ many memoirs on Zoological Subjects in the Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal, Linnsean, Zoological, Entomological, and other learned Societies. (E. B. P.) POWELL, F. York, M.A.; Regius Professor of Modern History, Oxford; Student of Ch. Ch., Oxford ; author of ‘ Icelandic Language,’ etc., in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Alfred the Great and William the Conqueror,’ ‘ History of England to 1509.’ (F. Y. P.) POYNTING, John Henry, D.Sc., F.R.S.; late Fellow of Trin. Coll., Camb.; Professor of Physics and Dean of the Faculty of Science, Birmingham University ; author of the Adams Prize Essay (1891) on the ‘ Mean Density of the Earth,’ ‘ A Text-Book of Physics ’ (with Professor J. J. Thomson), and various physical papers. (J. H. P*.) PRINCE, Hon. L. Bradford, LL.D. ; President of the Bureau of Immigration of the territory of New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico; ex-Governor of the State of New Mexico; President of the New Mex. Hist. Soc.; author of ‘New Mexico’ in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.’ (L. B. Pk.) PROCTER, Hon. John Robert, President U.S. Civil Service Commission, Washington, D.C. ; Geologist State of Kentucky, 1880-1893 ; author of ‘ Kentucky ’ in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.’ (J. R. P.) PROUT, Major Henry Gosler, editor of ‘The Railroad Gazette,’ New York; sometime Governor of the Provinces of the Equator, Africa, and Colonel of Engineers, Army of the Khedive. (H. G. P.) PROWSE, Daniel Wodley, K.C., LL.D., D.C.L. ; retired Judge Central District Court of Newfoundland; appointed Judge Central District Court, 1869; Commissioner for the Consolidation of Colonial laws ; Chairman Board of Health, 1893-96 ; author of ‘ History of Newfoundland,’ ‘Manual for Magistrates in Newfoundland,’ numerous pamphlets and newspaper articles. (D. W. P.) PULLAN, Rev. Leighton, Fellow of St John’s Coll., Oxford; author of ‘History of