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SOME CONTKIBUTOES TO NEW VOLUMES OF ‘ENCYCLOPAEDIA BEITANNICA ’ bridge 1898, Turin 1901; author of numerous scientific papers to the Royal and other scientific societies, especially on the brain and nervous system. (C. S. S.) SHERWEIili, Arthur j author of works on Temperance questions. (A. Sh.) SHIPLEY, Arthur Everett, M.A., P.Z.S.; Fellow, Tutor, and Lecturer at Christ’s College, Cambridge ; Lecturer on Advanced Morphology of the Invertebrata in the University ; Demonstrator of Comparative Anatomy in the University, 1885-94; Fellow of Christ’s College, 1887 ; Member of the Council of the Senate, 1896 ; author of ‘ Zoology of the Invertebrata ’; author of ‘Vine Disease,’ ‘Wasps,’ ‘Wheat Pests,’ in Ninth Edition of ‘Eucy. Brit.’; joint-editor and part-author of the ‘ Cambridge Natural History’; editor of the ‘Pitt Press Natural Science Manuals,’ Biological Series; part-author of ‘A Text-Book on Zoology,’ etc. (A. E. S.) SHORTER, Clement King; editor of ‘ The Sphere ’; late editor of the ‘ Illustrated London News,’ the ‘Sketch,’ and the ‘English Illustrated Magazine ’; author of ‘ Charlotte Bronte and Her Circle,’ ‘Sixty Years of Victorian Literature,’ etc. etc. (C. K. S.) SIBREE, Rev. James; for over twenty years a missionary in Madagascar; author of ‘ Madagascar ’ in the Ninth Edition of the ‘ Ency. Brit.,’ ‘ Madagascar and its People,’ ‘ The Great African Island,’ ‘ Madagascar before the Conquest,’ etc. (J. Si*.) SIMPSON, Alexander Russell, M.D. ; Professor of Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Children, University of Edinburgh ; editor of Sir James Y. Simpson’s ‘Lectures on Diseases of Women’; author of ‘Contributions to Obstetrics and Gynaecology,’ and of an ‘Atlas of the Frozen Section of a Cadaver in the Genu - pectoral Position’ (along with Dr Berry Hart), and many Memoirs. (A. R. S.) SIMPSON, Rev. James Gilliland, M.A.; Principal of Leeds Clergy School; lately Rector of St Paul’s, Dundee. (J. G. Si.) SIMPSON, Lieut. - Col. W. A. ; Assistant Adjutant-General U.S. War Department; Instructor U.S. Military Academy, West Point, 1883-87. (W. A. S.) SINCLAIR, F. G., M.A., F.L.S. ; author of many biological papers in scientific journals, etc. (F. G. S*.) SKINNER, Frank. C. ; Principal Examiner and Chief of Classification Division, U.S. Patent Office. (F. C. S.) SLOANE, Thomas O'Conor, Ph.D., A.M. ; late Professor Nat. Sc., Seton Hall Coll., South Orange, N.J. (T. O’C. S.) SLOANE, William Milligan, Ph.D., L.H.D., LL.D. ; Professor of History, Columbia University, New York; sometime Professor of History in Princeton University, and editor of the ‘Princeton Review’; Secretary to George Bancroft in Berlin, 1873-75 ; author of ‘ The French War and the Revolution,’ ‘ Napoleon Bonaparte,’ etc. (W. M. S.) SLOCUM, William F., LL.D.; President Colorado College. (W. F. S.) SMITH, Benjamin Eli, A.M. ; assistant editor of the 'Century Dictionary’; editor of the ‘Century Cyclopaedia of. Names,’ and of the ‘ Century Atlas.’ (B. E. S.) SMITH, Hon. Charles Emory; Postmaster-General, Washington, D.C.; formerly United States Minister to Russia ; editor of the ‘Philadelphia Press’ since 1880. (C. E. S.) SMITH, George Barnett, F.R.G.S. ; author of ‘ Mrs Browning,’ in Ninth Edition of ‘ Bncy. Brit.,’ ‘Shelley,’ ‘Life of Mr Gladstone,’ ‘Victor Hugo,’ ‘The Life of Mr Bright,’ ‘The Prime Ministers of Queen Victoria,’ ‘ Life and Enterprises of Ferdinand de Lesseps,’ ‘The Life of Queen Victoria,’ etc. (G. B. S.) SMITH, Hubert Llewellyn, M.A.; Deputy Controller-General and Labour Commissioner, Labour Department, Board of Trade ; Cobden Prize, Oxford, 1890. (H. L. S.) SMITH, Dr Hugh M. ; in charge of Division of Inquiry respecting Food Fishes, U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries. (H. M. S*.) SMITH, John, C.B.; Inspector - General in Bankruptcy. (J. Sm*.) SMYTH, Herbert Warrington, M.A., LL.M., F.G.S., F.R.G.S. ; Sec. Mining Dept., Transvaal; Order of the White Elephant, Siam ; Sec. Siamese Legation, 1898-1901 ; author of ‘ Journey on the Upper Mekong,’ ‘ Five Years in Siam,’ etc. (H. W. Sm.) SNOW, Francis Huntingdon, LL.D.; Chancellor of the University of Kansas. (F. H. S.) I


SNOW, Marshall Solomon, A.M. ; Pro- STERLING, Maj.-Gen. John B.; Egypt, fessor of History and Dean of the College, 1882 ; Sudan and Cyprus, 1885. (J. B. S.) Washington University, St Louis, Missouri; author of ‘ Missouri ’ in Ninth Edition of STEWART, John Alexander,f M.A., LL.D.; Tutor of Christ Church ; White s Professor of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘The City Government of St Louis Moral Philosophy, Oxford; author of ‘ The -’ (M. S. S.) English MSS. of the Nicomachean Ethics,’ SQDERBERG, Dr E. ; of the Central Statis‘Notes on the Nicomachean Ethics.’ (J. A. St.) tical Bureau, Sweden; author of ‘ Samuel Johan Hedborn,’ etc. (E. So.) STOCK, Eugene; Editorial Secretary of the Church Missionary Society. (E. St.) SOULE, R. H., B.A., M.E. ; sometime General Manager of the Erie R. R. (R. H. So.) STOCKMAN, Ralph, M.D., F.R.C.P.Ed., F.R.S.Ed.; Professor of Materia Medica and PIELMANN, Marion H.; editor of the Therapeutics, University of Glasgow ; assistant Magazine of. Art’ since 1887; art critic to in the University of Edinburgh for six years, ‘ Daily Graphic ’ until, in 1891, art editor and and afterwards Lecturer on Materia Medica in part-founder of ‘ Black and White ’; author of the School of Medicine. (R. S*.) ‘Works of G. F. Watts, R.A.,’ ‘ Henriette Ronner,’ ‘History of “Punch,”’ ‘Millais and STRANGE, Edward Fairbrother ; Assistant Keeper, National Art Library; Assistant, his Works,’ ‘The Unidentified Contributions of South Kensington Museum, 1889 ; National Art Thackeray to “ Punch,” ’ ‘ John Ruskin,’ ‘ Notes Library, 1891; author of ‘Alphabets : a Handon the Wallace Collection in Hertford House,’ book of Lettering,’ ‘Japanese Illustration,’ ‘The Portraits of Geoffrey Chaucer,’ ‘British ‘ Worcester, the Cathedral and City,’ and Sculpture and Sculptors of To-day.’ (M. H. S.) numerous essays on art subjects. (E. F. S.) SPIERS, R. Phen£, F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A.; Master of the Architectural School and Sur- STREATFIELD, R. A., B.A. ; author of ‘Masters of Italian Music,’ ‘The Opera,’ veyor of Royal Academy; Associate and Hon. I etc. (R. A. S.) Fellow of King’s Coll. London; Past President of Architectural Association; Member of Council Royal Institute of British Architects ; STURT, H. ; Queen’s College, Oxford. (H. St.) Hon. and Corres. Member of the Societe SUPLEE, Henry Harrison, B.Sc.; Member of the American Society of Mechanical EnCentrale des Architectes, Paris ; Sociedad de gineers ; Member of the Franklin Institute; los Arquitectos, Madrid ; edited ‘ Pugin’s NorMembre du Societe des Ingenieurs Civils de mandy,’ ‘ Fergusson’s History of Architecture ’; France ; Mitglied des Vereines Deutscher Inauthor of ‘ Architectural Drawing,’ ‘ Architecgenieure; associate-editor of ‘ Engineering Magatural Essays on Pierrefonds,’ ‘ Domed Churches in zine,’ New York and London; author of the Perigord,’ ‘ Mosqueat Damascus,’ etc. (R. P. S.) English translation of Reuleaux’s ‘ KonstrukSPRING-RICE, Stephen Edward, C.B.; teur,’ and other works. (H. H. S*.) Principal Clerk H.M. Treasury ; Auditor of the Algernon Charles; author Civil List; private secretary to successive SWINBURNE, of ‘Beaumontand Fletcher,’ ‘ Congreve,’ ‘ Keats,’ Financial Secretaries to the Treasury, 1881‘ Landor,’ ‘Marlowe,’ ‘Mary’ (of Scotland), 1888, and to Chancellor of the Exchequer, ‘Tourneur,’ ‘John Webster,’ in Ninth Edition 1886. (S. E. S.-R.) of ‘Ency. Brit., ‘The Queen-Mother, and SQUIRE, William Barclay, B.A., F.S.A., Rosamond,’ ‘Atalanta in Calydon,’ ‘ Chastelard,’ F.R.G.S.; Assist. Brit. Museum; Hon. Sec. ‘ Poems and Ballads,’ ‘ William Blake,’ ‘ Songs Purcell Soc.; Joint Hon. Sec. Eng. Com. Interbefore Sunrise,’ ‘Bothwell,’ ‘Songs of Two national Music Society; late musical critic of Nations,’ ‘George Chapman,’ ‘Poems and ‘Westminster Gazette,’ ‘Saturday Review,’ and Ballads ’ (2nd series), ‘ A Study of Shakespeare,’ ‘ Globe ’ (London); author of various articles ‘Mary Stuart,’ ‘Tristram of Lyonesse, and on music ; and editor of ‘ Byrd’s Masses,’ ‘The other Poems,’ ‘Miscellanies,’ ‘A Study of Fitzwilliam Virginal Book,’ etc. (W. B. S*.) Victor Hugo,’ ‘Locrine,’ ‘Poems and Ballads’ (3rd series), ‘Study of Ben Jonson,’ ‘Studies STANTON, Rev. Vincent Henry, D.D., in Prose and Poetry,’ ‘ Rosamund, Queen of tlie M.A.; Ely Professor of Divinity, Cambridge, Lombards,’ etc. (A. C. S.) and Canon of Ely; Hulsean Lecturer, 1879; author of ‘The Jewish and the Christian SYMONS, Arthur; author of ‘An Introduction Messiah,’ ‘ The Place of Authority in Matters of to the Study of Browning,’ ‘Days and Nights,’ Religious Belief.’ (V. H. S.) ‘Silhouettes,’ ‘London Nights,’ ‘Studies in Two Literatures,’ ‘The Symbolist Movement in STATHAM, H. H. ; editor of‘The Builder’; Literature,’ ‘Images of Good and Evil,’ ‘Colauthor of ‘ Architecture for General Readers,’ lected Poems.’ (A. Sv.) ‘Architecture among the Poets.’ (H. H. S.) (H. Sv.) STEBBING, Rev. Thomas Roscoe Rede, SYMONS, H. ; British Museum. M.A., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.Z.S. ; Fellow of King’s College, London; Fellow of Worcester Coll. Oxford; prepared Report on the Amphipoda T of the ‘ Challenger ’ Expedition ; Chairman of Conference of Delegates, corresponding societies TAIT, Peter Guthrie, M.A., D.Sc., the late; of British Association, 1899; author of ‘TransProfessor of Natural Philosophy, Edin. ; Sec. lation of Longinus On the Sublime,’ ‘ Essays on Royal Soc., IJdin.; Hon. Fellow St Peter’s Coll., Darwinism,’ ‘ “Challenger” Reports,’ ‘Zoology,’ Cambridge; Professor of Mathematics, Queen’s ‘A History of Crustacea,’ etc. (T. R. R. S.) Coll., Belfast, 1854; author of ‘Light,’ ‘Sir W. Rowan Hamilton,’ etc., in Ninth Edition STEDMAN, Edmund Clarence, L.H.D., of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Dynamics of a Particle,’ LL.D.; poet and critic; author of ‘Poems,’ ‘Quaternions,’ ‘ Thermo - Dynamics,’ ‘Heat,’ ‘Victorian Poets,’ ‘Poets of America,’ ‘The ‘Light,’ etc. (P. G. T.) Nature and Elements of Poetry ’; editor of ‘Library of American Literature,’ ‘Victorian TANSLEY, A. G., M.A., F.L.S. ; Asst. ProAnthology,’ etc. (E. C. S.) fessor of Botany, University Coll., London; author of ‘ Memoirs on the Anatomy of Plants ’; STEED, H. WICKHAM; Correspondent of editor of ‘ The New Phytologist,’ etc. (A. G. T.) ‘ The Times ’ at Rome. (H. W. S.) Frank William, Ph.D., LL.D.; STEPHEN, Sir Herbert, Bart., LL.M. ; TAUSSIG, Professor of Political Economy, Harvard UniClerk of Assize for the Northern Circuit; author versity, and editor of the ‘Quarterly Journal of ‘The Law Relating to Malicious Prosecuof Economics ’; author of ‘ Tariff History of tions,’ ‘Prisoners on Oath,’ etc. (H. S) the United States,’ ‘ Wages and Labour,’ etc. (F. W. T.) STEPHEN, Leslie, Litt.D., M.A. ; Hon. Fellow of Trin. Hall, Camb. ; President of TAYLOR, Charles, M.A., D.D., Hon. LL.D. Ethical Society ; formerly Fellow and Assistant (Harvard); Master of St John’s Coll., CamTutor, Trin. Hall Coll., and Clark Lecturer in bridge; author of ‘Geometrical Conics,’ ‘The English Literature ; editor of Cornhill Magazine, Gospel in the Law,’ ‘ The Teaching of the 1871-82 ; Dictionary of National Biography, Twelve Apostles,’ etc. (C. T*.) 1882-91 ; author of ‘ Hours in a Library,’ ‘ History of English Thought in the Eighteenth TAYLOR, H on. Hannis, LL. D.; U. S. Minister Century,’ ‘ Essays on Freethinking and Plain to Spain, 1893-97; author of ‘ The Origin and Speaking,’ ‘The Science of Ethics,’ ‘Life of Growth of the English Constitution.’ (H. T*.) Henry Fawcett,’ ‘An Agnostic’s Apology,’ ‘ Life TCHERTKOFF, V.; author of ‘Christian of Sir James Fitz-James Stephen,’ ‘ Studies of a Martyrdom in Russia ’ ; agent for Count Biographer,’ ‘ The English Utilitarians ’; edited Tolstoy in England. (V. T.) ‘ Letters of John Richard Green.’ (L. S.) HenryRichard,F.S.A.; Secretary STEPHENS, F. G. one of the Pre-Raphaelite TEDDER, and Librarian of the Athenaeum Club; librarian Brotherhood; late art critic of the ‘ Athenaeum ’; to Lord Acton, 1873-74; one of the organisers author of ‘ Landseer ’ in Ninth Edition of ‘ Ency. and joint-sec. of 1st International Conference Brit.,’ ‘Catalogue of Satires’ (Brit. Mus.), of Librarians, 1877; joint hon. sec. of Library ‘Artists at Home,’ ‘George Cruikshank,’ Association, 1878-80; hon. treas. of the same, ‘ Memorials of W. Mulready,’ ‘ French and 1889-97, and 1898-1901; President, 1897-98; Flemish Pictures,’ ‘ Sir E. Landseer,’ ‘ T. C. treas. and sec. Metropolitan Free Libraries’ Hook, R.A.,’ etc. (F. G. S.) Committee, 1878-80; hon. treas. second InterSTERLAND, Miss M. B.; writer on Ecclesinational Conference of Librarians, 1897 ; jointastical History. (M. B. S.) editor of first three volumes of Transactions of