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Library Association, and of Reports of 1st and Trinity College ; Roy. Socs. Upsala and Turin ; author of ‘Anthropology,’ ‘Cannibalism,’ ‘De2nd International Library Conference; author President of Cambridge Philosophical Society, monology,’ ‘Giant,’ ‘Magic,’ etc., in Ninth of ‘Libraries,’ etc., in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. 1894; President of Section A, British AssociaEdition of ‘Ency. Brit.’; ‘Anahuac, Mexico Brit.,’ and of many papers in publications of tion, 1896; author of ‘ A Treatise on the and the Mexicans,’ ‘Researches into the Early Library Association, some printed separately, Motion of Vortex Rings,’ ‘Application of History of Mankind,’ ‘ Primitive Culture,’ articles in reviews, etc. (H. R. T.) Dynamics to Physics and Chemistry,’ ‘Recent ‘ Anthropology,’ ‘ The Natural. History of Researches in Electricity and Magnetism,’ Religion.’ (E. B. T ) TELBIN, William; English scenic artist; ‘Elements of the Mathematical Theory of author of ‘Scenery,’ ‘Act Drops,’ etc., in Electricity and Magnetism,’ etc. (J. J. T.) ‘Magazine of Art,’ etc. (W. Te.) Dr Theodor H. ; IceTEMPLE, Lieut.-Col. Sir Richard THORODDSEN, u landic expert and explorer; author of ‘ History Carnac, Bt., C.I.E. ; Knight of Grace ; Chief of Icelandic Geography,’ etc. (Th. T.) UKITA, Goji; Chancellor of the Japanese Commissioner, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Legation, London. (o. u.) and Superintendent, Penal Settlement-at Port THURSFIELD, James Richard, M.A.; Blair; served Afghan Campaign, 187S-79; Burmah formerly Fellow of Jesus Coll., Oxford

author UNWIN, William Cawthorne, F.R.S., War, 1887-89; Cantonment Magistrate, Panjab; of ‘ Peel,’ ‘ The Navy and the Nation,’ conjointly M.I.C.E.; Hon. Life M.I.M.E.; Hon. Mem. Am. Assistant Commissioner, Burmah, and CantonSoc. M.E.; Hon. Assoc. R. I. Brit. Architects; with Sir George S. Clarke. (J. R. T.) ment Magistrate, Mandalay, 1887; DeputyProfessor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Robert Henry, A.M., Commissioner, 1888; to special duty with THURSTON, Central Technical College, City and Guilds of C.E., LL.D.; Director of Sibley College, and Government of India, 1890; Official President, London Institute; instructor at Royal School Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Cornell Rangoon Municipality, and Port-Commissioner, of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, University; sometime President Am. Society Rangoon, 1891; has been member of the Council Kensington, 1868-72; Professor of Hydraulic Mechanical Engineers; inventor of Testing R. Asiatic Soc.; Asiatic Soc., Beng. ; Cor. Engineering, Royal Indian Engineering College, Machines, etc.; author of ‘ Manual of the Steam Member American Philosophical Socy.; SmithCooper’s Hill, 1872-85 ; Professor of EngineerBoiler,’ ‘History of the Steam Engine,’ sonian Institute ; Numismatic Socy. of Philaing, Central Technical College of the Guilds of ‘ Materials of Engineering,’ etc. (R. H. T.) delphia ; edited ‘ Fallon’s Diet, of Hindustani London, Kensington, since 1885; President, Proverbs,’ ‘Burnell’s Devil-Worship of the THWING, Charles Franklin, D-D., LL.D.; Section G, British Association, 1892; on the Tuluvas ’; has been editor and proprietor of President Western Reserve University and Council of Royal Society, 1894 ; on the Council the ‘ Indian Antiquary,’ since 1884; founded Adelbert College; author of ‘American Colleges,’ Inst. Civil Engineers, 1900; on the Senate and edited the ‘Panjab (Indian) Notes and ‘The Reading of Books,’ ‘Within College London University; 1900; author of ‘HyQueries,’ 1883-87. (R. C. T.) Walls,’ ‘ American College in American Life,’ draulics,’etc., in Ninth Edition of‘Ency. Brit.,’ etc. (C. F. T.) ‘Wrought Iron Bridges and Roofs,’ ‘Machine THAYER, William Roscoe, A.M.; editor Design,’ ‘The Testing of Materials of Conof ‘The Harvard Graduates’ Magazine ’; author TIEDEMANN, H. ; Anglo-Dutch journalist; struction,’ ‘ The Development and Transmission of ‘The Dawn of Italian Independence,’ ‘ Poems ex-President of the Foreign Press Associaof Po wer from Central Stations,’ etc. (W. C. U.) tion. (H. Ti.) New and Old,’ ‘ Throne Makers,’ etc. (W. R. T.) THEOBALD, P. V., M.A. ; Foreign Member TODD (J.), Spencer Brydges, C.M.G.; of Association of Economic Entomologists, Secretary Dept, of Agent-General for Cape of Y Good Hope in London; Executive ComU.S. ; Zoologist to the South-Eastern Agrimissioner, Paris, for Universal Exhibition, 1878; cultural College; Lecturer in Economic EntoDYKE. Prof. Henry, D.D., LL.D.; mology to the Horticultural College, Swanley ; appointed by H.R.H. Prince of Wales a VAN Professor of English Literature, Princeton member of the International Jury; author of author of ‘ A Text - book of Agricultural ZooUniversity; author of ‘The Poetry of Tenny‘ The Resident Magistrate at the Cape of Good logy,’ ‘The Parasitic Diseases of Poultry,’ son,’ ‘Little Rivers,’ ‘The Gospel for an Age Hope,’ ‘ Handy Guide to Laws and Regulations ‘British Flies,’ ‘Insect Life,’ etc. (F. V. T.) of Doubt,’ ‘The Toiling of Felix, and other at the Cape of Good Hope.’ (S. B. T.) Poems,’ etc. (H. van D.) THOMPSON. Sir Edward Maunde,K.C.B., D.C.L., LL.D., V.P.S.A.; corresponding mem- TREBLE, Rev. Edmund John, A.K.C.L. ; VAN DYKE, John Charles, L.H.D.; Eng. Chap., Wiesbaden; author of ‘Plain ber of the Institute of France and of the Royal author of ‘History of Painting,’ ‘Old Dutch Teaching about the Church of England,’ Prussian Academy of Sciences ; Director and and Flemish Masters,’ etc. (J. C. Van D.) etc. (E. J. T.) Principal Librarian, Brit. Museum; Assis. Brit. Mus., 1861; Keeper of the MSS. and TRENT, William Peterfield, A.M., LL.D.; VASCONCEIiLOS, Captain Ernesto de: Secretary of the Committee of Colonial CartoEgerton Librarian, 1878; Sandars Reader in Prof, of English, Columbia University, New graphy, Department of Marine and Fisheries, Bibliography, Cambridge, 1895-96; editor of Tork; formerly editor of the ‘Sewanee RePortugal; Secretary of the Lisbon Geographical ‘Chronicon Angliae’; author of ‘Miniature,’ view’; author of ‘English Culture in Virginia,’ Society; author of ‘ As Colonias Portuguesas,’ ‘Paleography,’ etc., in Ninth Edition of ‘Southern Statesmen of the Old Regime,’ etc. (E. de V.) ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘ Letters of Humphrey Prideaux,’ ‘ Life of William Gilmore Simms,’ ‘ Robert E. ‘Correspondence of the Family of Hatton,’ Lee,’ etc. (W. P.T.) VAUGHAN, H.E. Herbert, Cardinal, ‘ Chronicon Adae de Usk, 1377 -1404,’ D.D., Priest of the Title of SS. Andrew and ‘Diary of Richard Cocks in Japan, 1615-22,’ TRIPP, Hon. Bartlett; late U.S. Minister to Gregory on the Coelian Hill; Archbishop of Austria ; Chief-Justice of the Supreme Court of ‘Chronicon Galfridi le Baker de Swynebroke, Westminster; Bishop of Salford, 1872-92; author Dakota Territory, 1885-89. (B. T.) 1303-1356,’ ‘Adae MurimuthContinuatio Chroniof a large number of pamphlets and letters concorum, 1303-1347,’ ‘Robertas de Avesbury de TROTTER, Lieut.-Colonel Henry, C.B.; cerning educational, social, and religious quesgestis mirabilibus Regis Edwardi Tertii ’: jointtions, etc. (*H. E. V.) British Delegate on the European Commission editor of publications of the Palaeographical of the Danube, and H.B.M. Consul-General VERDINOIS, Frederigo; Italian man of Society, and of the Facsimile of the Laurentian for Roumania

served 1863-75 on great Trigonoletters

translated ‘ Cantico di Natale ’ and ‘ La Sophocles, ‘ Handbook of Greek and Latin metrical Survey of India ; accompanied mission Piccola Dorrit’ from Dickens, Shakespeare’s Palaeography.’ (E. M. T.) to Yarkand and Kashgar, 1873-74 ; special service ‘ Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ etc. (F. V.) THOMPSON, Sir Henry, Bt., F.R.C.S., in China, 1876; additional military attach^ at M.B., London ; Surgeon Extraordinary to King Constantinople during Turko-Russian War, VERNON-HARCOURT, Leveson Francis, M.A., M.I.C.E.

Professor of Civil of the Belgians; Com. Order of Leopold; 1877-78; Consul for Kurdistan, 1878-82; military Engineering at Univ. Coll. London ; proceeded Consulting Surgeon to University Coll. Hospital, attache, Constantinople, 1882-89 ; Consulto India, 1896, to inspect the river Hugh, reportLondon, and emeritus Professor of Clinical General in Syria, 1890-94; has acted as H.M. ing to Calcutta Port Commissioners; British Surgery; surgeon to University Coll. Hospital, Charge d’Affaires at Bucharest; author of Member of Jury for Civil Engineering, Paris 1863; Professor of Pathology and Surgery, various papers contributed to the Royal Geog. Exhibition, 1900; author of ‘River Engineering,’ Royal College of Surgeons,’ 1884 ; President of Soc. (H. Tr.) ‘Water Supply,’ in Ninth Edition ‘Ency. the Cremation Society of England; author of TROUP, Charles Edward, M.A., C.B. ; Brit.,’ ‘Rivers and Canals,’ ‘Harbours and ‘ Practical Lithotrity and Lithotomy,’ ‘ CremaPrincipal Clerk in the Home Office since 1896; Docks,’ ‘Achievements in Engineering,’ ‘Civil tion, or Treatment of the Body after Death,’ chairman of Committee on Identification of Engineering as applied in Construction,’ etc. ‘ Modem Cremation,’ ‘ Charley Kingston’s Aunt,’ Habitual Criminals; editor of ‘ Judicial Statistics ‘All But,’‘On Food and Feeding,’ ‘Diet in F. V. -H.) of England and Wales ’; author of ‘ The Future VERWORN, Max, M.D., Ph.D.; (L. Relationto Age and Activity,’etc. etc. (H. Th.) Professor of of Free Trade.’ (C. E. T.) Physiology, Jena, author of ‘Allgemeine PhyTHOMSON, Basil P.; Governor of Cardiff TUKE, Sir John Batty, M.D., D.Sc., siologic,’ ‘ Psycho - physiologische Protisten Prison; late of the Colonial Service; acted as F.R.C.P.Ed., F.R.S.Ed., M.P.; Medical SuperStudien,’ etc. (M. V.) Prime Minister of Tonga, etc. ; author of intendent, Saughton Hall Asylum, Edinburgh ; VETCH, Col. Robert Hamilton, R.E., ‘Diversions of a Prime Minister,’ ‘South Sea Member of General Medical Council of RegistraTarns,’ etc. (B. P. T.) C.B.; employed on defences of Bermuda, Bristol tion and Education ; Medical Superintendent Channel, Plymouth Harbour, and Malta, 1861THOMSON, David Croal; editor of ‘The of Fife and Kinross Asylum, 1865-73 ; author of Art Journal’; author of ‘The Life and Work 1876; Secretary of R.E. Institute, Chatham, ‘ Aphasia,’ ‘ Hippocrates,’ ‘ Hysteria,’ ‘ Insanity, of Thomas Bewick,’ ‘ The Life and Work of 1877-1883

commanded R.E. Submarine Mining

in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.,’ ‘Morrison H. K. Browne (“ Phiz ”),’ ‘ The Barbizon School Batt., 1884; Assistant Inspector-General of Lectures,’ ‘Insanity of Over-exertion of the of Painters,’ ‘Corot,’ ‘Luke Fildes, R.A.,’ ‘The Fortifications at War Office, 1884-89; Deputy Brain.’ (J. B. T.) Tate Gallery,’ ‘Fifty Tears of Art,’ ‘The Paris Inspector - General of Fortifications and SecExhibition, 1900.’ (D. C. T.) TURNER, Cuthbert Hamilton, M.A.; retary of the Defence Committee, and of the Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; co-editor of Joint Naval and Military Committee on Defence, THOMSON, Prof. Elihu; Electrician for the ‘Journal of Theological Studies.’ (C. H. T.) War Office, 1889-94; Chief Engineer in Ireland the General Electric Company; inventor of and Colonel on Staff, 1894-98; author of ‘ Gorelectric welding and other important electrical TURNER, Frederick J., Ph.D.; Professor of don’s Campaign in China,’ ‘Life of Lieut.-Gen. American History, University of Wisconsin; appliances. (E. T.) Sir Gerald Graham ’; edited ‘ The Professional author of ‘Wisconsin,’ in Ninth Edition of THOMSON, John Arthur, M.A.; formerly Papers of the Corps of R.E.’; also the ‘R.E. ‘Ency. Brit.’ (F. J. T.) Lecturer on Zoology and Biology, School of Journal,’ 1877-84. (R. H. V.) Medicine, Edinburgh; Regius Professor of TURNER, Herbert Hall, D.Sc., F.R.S. ; VIIiIiARS, Paul; Knight of the Legion of Natural History, Aberdeen University; partSavilian Professor of Astronomy, Oxford; Honour; and London Correspondent of ‘ Le author of ‘Evolution of Sex’; author of ‘The Fellow of New College, Oxford; member of Journal des D6bats,’ ‘ Le Figaro,’ etc.; author Study of Animal Life,’ ‘Outlines of Zoology,’ Senate of Cambridge University; formerly of ‘Sketches of England,’ ‘Scotland and ‘ The Natural History of the Tear,’ ‘ The Science Fellow of Trim Coll. Camb., and chief assistant Ireland,’ etc. (P. VL) of Life,’ etc. (J. A. T.) Royal Observatory, Greenwich; author of ‘Modem Astronomy.’ (H. H. T.) VINEIiLI, Dr Marcello; editor of ‘La THOMSON, Joseph John, D.Sc., LL.D. Unione Sarda,’ Cagliari, Sardinia. (M. Vi.) Glasgow and Princeton, Ph.D. Cracow, F.R.S.; TYLOR, Edward Burnett, LL.D., D.C.L., Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics, F.R.S.; Professor of Anthropology, Oxford; VINES, Sydney Howard, D.Sc. London, Cambridge; Fellow of Trinity College; Lecturer Keeper of the University Museum since 1883 ; M.A., D.Sc. Camb., F.R.S.; President of the