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אֲבַר ch. Ithpe. אִתְאֲבַר (v. next w, a. foreg.). to be winged, to soar. Targ. Job XXXIX, 29.

אֵבֶר,(אֵיבֶר) m. b. h. wing, v. אָבַר; cmp. כַּף, כָּנָף) 1) limb, part.—א׳ מן החי a part cut off from a living animal. Ḥull. 101b; a. fr.—2) membrum genitale. Snh. 107a. Y. Keth. V, 30b.—3) town quarter, projecting outskirts (v. אָבַר Pi. 2).—א׳ א׳ limb by limb; piecemeal. Sabb. 40a. Y Yoma VI, 43d bot. Koh. R. to X, 15.—Pl. אֵבָרִים, אֵיבָרִים, אֵיבָרִין limbs, parts (of an animal). Shek. VII, 3 meat found אי׳ in entire limbs (opp. חתיכות cut slices). Sabb. 82b אינה מטמאה לא׳. Ms, M. (ed. אינה לא׳) does not make unclean when dismembered. Kel. XVIII, 9 (parts of a bedstead).—א׳ א׳ as sing. Ḥull. 11b. Treat. S'maḥ. II, 12.—Ber. I, 1 the fat וא׳ and other pieces of the daily offerings. Ohol. I, 8 רמ״ח א׳ 248 limbs (joints).—4) balance of a load, ballast. Sabb. 154b, v. חֶבֶר.—Ch. אֵיבְרָא.

אֲבָר m. (v. אָבַר; b. h. עֹפֶרֶת) lead. Snh. 52a פתילה של א׳ a string (bar) of lead. Ḥull. 8a א׳ מעיקרו lead directly from the mine (hot). Y. Sabb. VII, 10b bot. Kel. XIV, 5 הא׳ שבצר וכ׳ the lead hanging down from the neck of the animal (as ornament or mark). Git. 19a; Sabb. 104b כתבו בא׳ if he wrote the document with lead (solution); a. fr.

אֲבָר,אֲבָרָא(אַבְרָא) ch. same. Targ. Ex. XV, 10. Targ. Y. Lev. XX, 14; a. e.—Snh. 64a שדיוהו וכ׳ cast ye him into a kettle (of lead) וכסיוהו וכ׳ and cover him with lead (or heavy load; ed. שדיוה incorr.; Ms. M. omits דאברא; oth. var. v. Rabb. D. S. a. l.). Git. 19a בא׳ (writing) with lead pencil, במיא דא׳ with a solution of lead.

אֵבְרָא limb, v. אֵיבְרָא.

אִבְרָא, v. אִיבְרָא.

*אַבָּרָא, Targ. Prov. XXX, 31 Ms. the cock, cmp. אבר a. גבר; v. אַבָּכָה.

אַבְרָאִי adv. (בר) outside, freq. with prefix מֵ־, opp. אגואי. Ḥull. 130ab Ab. Zar. 2b למיתב מלכא מא׳ for the king to wait outside (of the court-room). R. Hash. 8b למיקם . . . א׳. Ber. 18b יתיב א׳ sat outside (of the gathering of the righteous in heaven). Cmp. בְּרָאִי.

אברגני,אברוגני, Erub. 62a, Var., v, אַבּוּרְגְּנָא.

אַבְרוּיֵי, v. ברי ch.

אַבְרַוְורֵי,אַבְרוּרֵי m. pl. (denom. of אבר, cmp. חברורי) 1) (cmp. אָבַר Pi.) wings or corners of city walls (h. פִּנָּה), pinnacles, mural turrets. Sabb. 11a ed. (Ar. אברוארי, read אבראורי; Ms. M. אַוְרַוְרֵי; Var. lect. v. Rabb. D. S. a. l. note) 2) (v. אֵבֶר a. חֶבֶר) balance, freight arranged for balancing, ballast. B. Bath 24b אימור באברוו׳ הוו מנחי Ms. M. (ed. באברו׳) I may say, the small kegs were placed among the large for balancing purposes.

אִבְרוֹטִי, v. אִבְרוֹסִי.

אברוכסים, v. בריכסון.

אברומא,אבדומא f. hash or brine of a certain fish (Ἀϐραμίς?). Succ. 18a (Ms. M. a. ed. אבד, v. Rabb. D. S. a. l.) [Rashi: 'a very small fish'.]

*אִבְרוֹסִי m. (prob. a. geogr. term) ibrosi, name of a species of olive of medium size, also called אֵגוֹרִי q. v. Ber. 39a its name is not egori, אלא א׳ וכ׳ Ms. M. (ed. אברוטי, Ar. ed. Koh. אברוצי) but its original name is ibrosi or as some say סִבְרוֹסִי Ms. M, (ed. סמרוסי); Y. Bicc. I, 63d bot. אווריס (אוורוס).

אברוקלון, v. אַמְבּוּרְקְלוֹן

אַבְרוּרֵי, v. אַבְרַוְורֵי.

*אַבְרוֹשַׁךְ m. (Pers. âfrôsah) a dish of flour, honey, and oil; a word in a marginal note in Ms. M. to Ber. 47a, quoted in Ar. and in Rashi to 36b bot. (אברוש״די, corr. acc.), defining חביץ קדרה. V. Rabb. D. S. a. l.

*אַבְרוֹת,אברית, Tosef. Neg. VIII, 2, v. בְּרוֹת.

*אֲבִרְזִין m. pl. (בזא II, v. בִּרְזָא II; cmp. h. equiv. עוּבְצָה, עוּבְצָא) prop. cutting, trimming, hence fur trimmed of its extremities (and pinked), in gen. carriage-robe, cover [R. Hai Gaon declares our w. to be Persian, v. Ar. ed. Koh. s. v., a. Fl. to Levy Targ. Dict. II, 579b.] B. Kam. 66b מעיקרא קרו וכ׳ (Ms. M. אברזיד) before its use was determined upon it was called mishkha (skin), and now (even before the trimming is done), it is called ăbirzin (fur, robe). V. קִיצּוּעַ.

*אַבְרְיָיאָה Pl. fem. אַבְרָיָיתָא (v. בַּר II) lit. outside places, hence villages, cottages. Y. Ber. VI, 10a [Comment. 'to take refreshments' , v. אִיבְרָיָיא]. [אברייאה Cant. R. to II, 14, read אִיגָּרַיָיה, v. אִיגָּר.]

אַבְרִיקִין, Y. Sabb. XVI, 15d, v. אַבְרְקִין.

אברית, v. אַבְרוֹת.

אַבְרֵךְ (Gen. XLI, 43) Abrekh, a title; homiletically defined א̇ב̇ בחכמה ורַ̇ךְ̇ בשנים father in wisdom, tender in years. Gen. R. s. 90.

*אֵבְרָנִי m. (prob. fr. אֵבֶר; well-winged) name of a bird, prob. sea-mew. Yalk. Esth. 1054; (Esth. R. to III, 6 עוף).

*אֲבַרְנִים(?) (Pers., v. Fl. to Levy Talm. Dict. s. v., a. Lagarde Ges. Abh. vol. 23) half-done meat. Pes. 41a (explain. נָא Ex. XII, 9) כדאמרי פרסאי א׳ (Yalk. Ex. 197 כד׳ אינשי) as the Persians say abarnim. [כדאמרי פרסאי does not necessarily refer to the Persian language, cmp. דְּבִיר. Perh. our w. is a Hebrew expression known among Persian Jews, and a compound of אֵבֶר נִים(=נעים, נאים) a tender piece. Cmp. בַּנָּאִים.]

אַבְרַנְסֵי, v. אַוְרַנּוֹס.

אברסקין, v. אוורקסין.