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To the Reader.

Hvmanum est errare, say the Latinists, to whom verie many (too much men in their much erring) haue beene exceedingly beholden for an excuse vpon iust accusations. I (who am no God, nor Angell) either to preuent, or to profit, others, am willing ynough to accuse my selfe; and therefore haue caused such ouerslips as haue yet occurred to mine eye or vnderstanding, to be placed neere the forhead of this Verball creature; as lesse afraid so to disgrace it, then to deceiue those that shall harbor it; and chusing rather to publish mine owne errors, then to be guiltie of other mens; I will not presume to affirme that these be all, no more then I will acknowledge, or giue any account for, such, as the malicious and ignorant shall captiously pinch, or fondly point, at: but my hope is, that as I haue dealt freely in the discouerie of these, so all that be iudicious will vse me friendly in their corrections of the rest.



In the first Page, col. 1. Il a gaigne, for, Il y a gaigné. volunte, for, volonté. and col. 2, an Adiectiue, for a Nowne. whose tone foot is, for, who hath one foot. and Abbaisse, for, Abbaissé. Adoüber, for Adouber. dessus, for dessous; in a phrase vnder Aile. Aoriste. A Tense; is, more particularly, a Tense of time indefinitely, or betweene Perfect and Imperfectly, passed. Appensensement, for Appensement. La Perche vnder Arpent; the la superfluous, and false; for Perche is masculine. B Balise, & Ballisse (tearmed about Orleans Baslis;) is more properly, a causey in a riuer for the turning of the streame vnto a Mill, &c.

Bannier, for Banniere; vnder Banniere. Bardechiser, for Bardachiser. Basse.contre, for Basse-contre. Baston cornu, a Battleaxe; is rather, a staffe tipped at both ends with horne; and heretofore vsed in publicke Duelloes, or Combats.

pigue, for figue; in Batre à froid, vnder Batre. Belittesse, for Belistresse. Bisac, for Bissac. hnnoeur, for honneur; vnder Blesser. Bord, is more properly an edging, or binding about the edge, of a garment, &c, then either welt, or hemme: and Border much more properly to edge, or bind, or compasse with an edging or binding lace, &c, then either to gard, or to border.

le cueillier, for la cueillier; in a Prouerbe vnder Bouche; and (in the most Copies) vnder Cuillier.

se Bride, for se Brider; vnder Brider.


19, for 192, in Carat. Carlin, worth 40 Quadrins; is to be understood of the Florentine Quattrino, worth no more then halfe the French Quadrin.

Carminatif. Wind-voiding, &c; is rather, cutting or dissoluing, and thereby refining and thinning, grosse humors.

An ounce, in stead of a graine; in Carrube.

Ceincture de dueil (under Ceincture) referred unto Dueil, where it was forgotten: but you shall find it expòunded in the word Littre.

Brusler la chandelle. par (under Chandelle) the full point super fluous.

festes, for fesses; in a Prouerbe under Charité.

levrier, for levriers; in a Prouerbe under Chass*e,

repend, in stead of repent; in a Prouerbe under Chat, and in another under Despendre.

le chevre, for la chevre, in a phrase under Chevre.

Chicambaut, the Luffe-blocke, should be, the Bumkin.

old, for cold, in the word Cigale.

poules, for poulets; in a Prouerbe under Cimitierre.

Ioye triste & coeur; in a Prouerbe under Coeur, the & superfluous.

dammages, for dommages; under Conclusion.

Comforter, in stead of Conforter; in a phrase under Conforter.

Contrechange, for Contreschange.

chausteau, for chasteau; in a Prouerbe under Corps.

Coquiol, for Coquiole, and a superfluous comma in that line.

Couäné, and in some words that follow it, the Dieresis ill placed ouer the a.

grand, for grands; in a Prouerbe under Coup.

Grattant, for gratant; in a phrase under Cul.


Dardiller (a frequentatiue to Darder) signifies, to dart, or throw darts, uerie fast.

Decicif, in stead of Decisif.