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S 78/2003


shall be determined by the Chief Inspector taking into account the purpose of the investigation set out in paragraph 3, the principles and objectives of Annex 13 and the lessons he expects to draw from the accident or incident for the improvement of safety.

(3) If, in the course of an investigation into an accident or a serious incident, it becomes known or is suspected that an act of unlawful interference was involved in the accident or serious incident, the investigator-in-charge shall, after consultation with the Chief Inspector and the Minister, immediately inform the Singapore Police or take steps to ensure that the aviation security authorities of other Contracting States concerned are informed of the fact.

Accredited representatives, advisers, etc., of Contracting States

11.—(1) Where an investigation into an accident or a serious incident is being carried out by an investigator-in-charge under this Order, each of the following States that is a Contracting State shall be entitled to appoint an accredited representative to participate in the investigation and one or more advisers, to assist the accredited representative:

(a) the State of Registry;
(b) the State of the Operator;
(c) the State of Manufacture;
(d) the State of Design;
(e) a State which has, on request, provided information, facilities or experts to the investigator-in-charge in connection with the investigation.

(2) An accredited representative shall be entitled to participate in all aspects of an investigation under the control of the investigator-in-charge and shall be entitled, in particular, to—

(a) visit the scene of the accident;
(b) examine the wreckage;
(c) obtain witness information and suggest areas for questioning witnesses;
(d) have full access to all relevant evidence as soon as possible;
(e) receive copies of all pertinent documents;
(f) participate in readouts of recorded media;