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that he obtained a great many scholars, whom he made proficients in prosody. He, in course of time proceeded to the Court of Kristna Roya, who admiring his talents retained him as one of his eight celebrated bards; during the life-time of this monarcb, he composed an epic poem, entitled Narasa Bhupalayam, or the history of Narasa Bhupal, which was a work of great labor, and much, admired by his contemporaries, and by posterity. After the death of Kristna Royaloo, he wrote another epic poem, called Vasoo Charitra, the subject of which is the loves and nuptials of king Vasoo, and the beautiful nymph Girikernica, the work was dedicated to king Terumala and the invocation of the poem commences in the following manner:—

"The earth-born Seta viewed with grace replete
Her beauteous form reflected near her feet
By brilliant gems, that each with various shade
And plastic pow'r a graceful maid portray'd
She, Rama's consort and betrothed wife
Conceiv'd a new creation sprung to life
Touch'd by the dust of her lord's potent foot
Till he remov'd the goddess' anxious doubt;