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Cog. Leg. Cognatio Legalis—Legal Cognation.
Cog. Spir. Cognatio Spiritualis—Spiritual Cognation.
Coll. Conc. Collectio Conciliorum—Collection of the Councils.
Comm. Prec. Commemoratio Praecedentis—Commemoration of the preceding feast (Br.).
Comm. Seq. Commemoratio Sequentis—Commemoration of the following feast (Br.).
Compl. Completorium—Compline (Br.).
Con. Contra—against.
Cone. Concilium—Council.
Conf. Confessor.
Conf. Doct. Confessor et Doctor (Br.).
Conf. Pont. Confessor Pontifex—Confessor and Bishop (Br.).
Cons. Consecratio—Consecration.
Consecr. Consecratus—Consecrated.
Const. Ap. Constitutio Apostolica—Apostolic Constitution.
Cr. Credo—Creed (Br.).
D. Dominus—Lord.
d. dies—day.
D.C.L. Doctor Civilis [or Canonicæ] Legis—Doctor of Civil [or Canon] Law.
D.D. Doctores—Doctors.
D.D. Donum dedit; Dedicavit—Gave, dedicated.
D.D. Doctor Divinitatis—Doctor of Divinity (i.e. Theology)
Dec. Decanus—Dean.
Def. Defunctus—Deceased.
D.G. Dei Gratiâ—By the Grace of God.
D.N. Dominus Noster—Our Lord.
D.N.J.C. Dominus Noster Jesus Christus—Our Lord Jesus Christ.
DN, DNS, DNUS Dominus—Lord.
Doct. Doctor (Br.).
Dom. Dominica—Sunday.
D.O.M. Deo Optimo Maximo—To God, the Best and Greatest.
Doxol. Doxologia—Doxology (Br.).
D.R. Decanus Ruralis—Rural Dean.
DS Deus—God.
D.Sc. Doctor Scientiarum—Doctor of Sciences.
D.V. Deo Volente—God willing.
Dupl. Duplex—Double feast (Br.).
Dupl. Maj. Duplex Major—Double Major feast (Br.)
Dupl. I. Cl. Duplex Primæ Classis—Double First Class feast (Br.).
Dupl. II. Cl. Duplex Secundæ Classis—Double Second Class feast (Br.).
Eccl. Ecclesiasticus—Ecclesiastic.
E., Eccl. Ecclesia—The Church.
El. Electio, Electus—Election, Elect.
Emus Eminentissimus—Most Eminent.
EPS Episcopus—Bishop.
Et. Etiam—Also, Even.
Evang. Evangelium—Gospel (Br.).
Ex. Extra—Outside of.
Exe. Excommunicatus, Excommunicatio—Excommunicated, Excommunication.
Fel. Mem. Felicis Memoriae—Of Happy Memory.
Fel. Rec. Felicis Recordationis—Of Happy Memory.
Fer. Feria—Weekday.
Fr., F. Frater, Frère—Brother.
Fund. Fundatio—Foundation.
Gen. Generalis—General.
Gl. Gloria—Glory to God, etc.
Gr. Gratia—Grace.
Grad. Gradus—Grade.
Grat. Gratias—Thanks; or Gratis—Without expense.
hebd. Hebdomada—Week.
Hom. Homilia—Homily (Br.).
hor. hora—hour.
IC Jesus—first and third letters of His name in Greek.
Id. Idus—Ides.
Igr. Igitur—Therefore.
I.H.S. (I)Jesus Hominum Salvator (usual interpretation), Jesus Saviour of Men. Really a faulty Latin transliteration of the first three letters of JESUS in Greek (IHS for IHC).
Ind. Indictio—Indiction.
Ind. Index.
Inq. Inquisitio—Inquisition.
i.p.i. in partibus infidelium—among the infidels.
Is. Idus—Ides.
J.C. Jesus Christus—Jesus Christ.
J.C.D. Juris Canonici Doctor, Juris Civilis Doctor—Doctor of Canon Law, Doctor of Civil Law.
J.D. Juris Doctor—Doctor of Law.
J.M.J. Jesus, Maria, Joseph—Jesus, Mary, Joseph.
Jo., Joann. Joannes—John.
J.U.D. Juris Utriusque Doctor—Doctor of Both Laws (Sc. Civil and Canon).
Jud. Judicium—Judgment.
J.U.L. Juris Utriusque Licentiatus—Licentiate of Both Laws.
Jur. Juris—Of Law.
Kal. Kalendæ—Calends.
Laic. Laicus—Layman.
Laud. Laudes—Lauds (Br.).
L.C.D. Legis Civilis Doctor—Doctor of Civil Law.
l.c.; loc. cit. Loco citato—at the place already cited.
Lect. Lectio—Lesson.
Legit. Legitime, Legitimus—Legally, legitimate.
L.H.D. Litterarum Humaniorum Doctor—Doctor of Literature.
Lib., Lo. Liber, Libro—Book, In the book.
Lic. Licentia, Licentiatus—License, Licentiate.
Litt. Littera—Letter.
LL.B. Legum Baccalaureus—Bachelor of Laws.
LL.D. Legum Doctor—Doctor of Laws.
LL.M. Legum Magister—Master of Laws.
Loc. Locus—Place.
Lov. Lovanium—Louvain.
Lovan. Lovanienses—Theologians of Louvain.
L.S. Loco Sigilli—Place of the Seal.
Lud. Ludovicus.
M. Maria—Mary.
M.A. Magister Artium—Master of Arts.
Mag. Magister—Master.
Mand. Mandamus—We command.
Mand. Ap. Mandatum Apostolicum—Apostolic Mandate, e.g. for a bishop's consecration
Mart., M., MM. Martyr, Martyres—Martyr, Martyrs (Br.).
Mat. Matutinum—Matins (Br.).
Matr. Matrimonum—Marriage.
Mgr. Monseigneur, Monsignore—My Lord.