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Oambrai, Archdiocese of (Camerancensis; cf. ligious instruction to those who desire it. His C- E., III-209d).— By a pontifical Decree of Novem- influence is unimportant. The Little Sisters of the ber, 1913, the districts of Lille, Dunkeque, and Poor take charge of 5 homes for the aged and !^izelbrouck were separated from the Archdiocese of nearly all the hospitals, juvenile asylums, orphan- Cambrai to form the new Diocese of Lille. In ages, and cr^hes are in charge of Sisters of the consequence the population of this archdiocese was various orders. With one or two exceptions these reduced from 1,866,000 in 1912 to 837,000 in 1914. institutions have a regularly appointed chaplain who Owing to the World War the population has further freely visits the sick. The priests have formed two diminished and at the present time (1921) it con- associations called the Apostolic Union and the As- sists of 741,000 French inhabitants, with 20,000 Bel- sociation of St. Francis de Sales. The following gians and 4,000 to 5,000 Poles who work in the associations exist among the laity : Association of mining region. For more than four years the entire Fathers of Families, Association of Catholic Com- country was invaded and laid waste by the enemy, mittees, Association of Young Men, Patriotic League A certain number of parishes near the Hindenburg of French Women and Association of Young Line were entirely destroyed. In retreating the Women. There are 7 Catholic papers published in Germans seized a large number of church bells the archdiocese.

^^.w^vl'1«^K^^^^^ fc^f d«.?rovi® Oamerlno, Archdiocese op (Camerinensib: cf. C.

^/n^w^l^h W h^p^^^^ ^ wprP «H^hSV E., III-216d), in the province of Macerata, 6entral

S^o J^^^f^K^I Ka Jp ^^^^^ K.Z Itily, directly subject to the Holy See, with the

damaged, 29 of which have been ^stored. There ^petual administration of Treja. Rt. Rey.

fv^f^ ^^r,^^l.l*"^^^^^ Camillo Moreschini, appointed to this see 29 April

that they are usele« and the work of restoring them ^^ ^ ^ October, 1918, and was succeeded by

has not yet been begun. _^ the present incumbent, Rt. Rev. Ettore Fronzi,

During the war 30 pnests and seminarians eave ^ i/ostra, 1862, appointed Bishop of Cadi an(i their hves for the cause. The entire clerey, fore- pe^^oia, 12 Septembei, 1908, promoted 14 Decem- most among whom was the archbishop, nobly sup- y^^^^ jgjg *^ ^

ported their country and ^^^^^ services were fi'y 1920 statistics Camerino has a CathoHc popu- gratefully appreciated and rewarded by the French j^^^^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^4 parishes, 242 secular and 40 Government, as well as by the Allies. regul&T clergy, 78 seminarians, and 174 churches or

  • v^i®M^^r ^Jf^'^S^^^ miffered a severe loss in ^^ . ^^j^ -g credited with 9597 Catholics; 8

the death of Rt. Rev. Henry Monmer, titular p^n^ghes, 30 secular priests, and 46 churches or bishop of Ludda and auxiliary bishop of Cambrai ^i^^^^ig

since 1872. He was an earnest and zealous prelate J^ ' . ^ ,^ x . .1

and had rendered distinguished services to the ^ Oampaaha, Diocese op (Campanhbnsis), m the archdiocese. The present incumbent is the Most State of Mmas Geraes, Brazil, suffragan of Man- Rev. John Arthur Chollet, b. at Avocourt, 8 April, amia. This see erected 19 March 1908 (see C £.. 1862, ordained 18 September, 1886, appointed to the XVI-^) is still (1922) under the administration see of Verdun, 13 April, 1910, consecrated 29 June of its first bishop, Rt. Rev. Juan d'Almeida Ferrao, foUowing, promoted to Cambrai 20 November, appointed 29 April, 1909. This territory includes 1913, installed 22 January, 1914, and published the » population of 300,000, and 30 parishes. 25 May foUowing. Oampecbe. Diocese of (Campeoorensis; cf. C. E.,

An event of special importance m the archdiocese III-222c), in the State of Campeche, Mexico, suf- took place in 1920 when Sister Madeleine Fontaine fragan of Yucatan. Rt. Rev. Vincent Castellanos and her three companions, Marie Lanet, Th^r^ y Nunez appointed to this see 7 February, 1912, Fanton and Jeanne Girard were declared blessed, was transferred 26 August, 1921, and the see is now These holy women were Sisters of Charity and had (1922) vacant. It comprises a total population of nursed the sick and poor in a hospital at Arras dur- 100,000, of whom 80,000 are Catholics; 23 secular ing the French Revolution. On refusing to take priests, 8 seminarians, 14 parishes, 35 churches, 5 the oath of allegiance, they were imprisoned, tried chapels, and 3 Catholic schools.

and sentenced to death. By order of the ex-priest ^ .^^ ^ ,- \ • ^u

Lebon, they were taken to Cambrai and executed _,\^^^f^\ DiocBSB op (Campinensis), m the

there on 26 June, 1794. The superior, Sister ga^f °L?^j. ^*^°' ^1^5^^ f"^^,^r5;o ^/ ®??

Madeleine Fontaine, then 72 years of age, while S*"^i^^« dioceae, erected 7 June 1M8 (see C.

awaiting death, declared that she and her com- E. X\^-35) includes a territory of 6196 sq. miles

panions would be the last victims at Cambrai. Her takes from the archdiocese of Sao Paulo. The

prophecy was fulfilled as shortly thereafter the cathedral, dedicated to the Immaculate Conception,

downfall of Robespierre brought to an end the was installed with a chapter of ten titular and ten

Reign of Terror in France. The cause of these honorary canons, 3 November, 1909. According

saintly women was introduced at Rome 29 May, \9 ^^^}^}^^2f^^J^%^^,9^?^^^^^^.^ PpP^?fr

"rhe archdiocese contains (1921) 429 parishes. 35 "^^ *^ ^^'§1°"^ ^ '""^r^litt ^"""T .??«'* -^f"

deaneries, 685 secular priests, 12 Jesuits, 3 Mariks; ^^^' '«»*1 ^5 schools with 1«4 boys and 1616 girls.

2 convents of the Po5r Clares, 2 of the Redempl ^^he present mcutiAent is Rt. Rey. Jiwn Bautista

torists; 1 of the Sistera of the Adoration, 2 congre- ^^S^-^^^^' ^^^ ^f? bishop, appointed 3 August

gation^ who care for the sick and who^ mother- l^- ?« ?2?7'""°,^ *"? *^*'io?= at the. pontifical

Bouse 18 in the archdiocese. The diocesan seminary **»^°°« "» ^.??^ '"t^^'^ain m 1915 He is assisted

has 115 students and the preparatory seminary, 103. fe "^ '^V'"H-7i' ^»- i?^""' /c*l^? Mamede da

The following colleges an<f schools exist in the ^Jva Leite. titular Bishop of Sebaste.

archdiocese: 6 ecclesiastical colleges where the Oamplon College, situated in lower town of

teaching staff consists of 90 priests (1,520 students) ; Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, had its origin in an

19 Catholic primary schools for boys, 81 for girls independent school known as the Prairie du Chien

with 278 teachers and 8,500 pupils. The large oflS- College. The project proved a failure after a very

dal colleges also have a chaplain who gives re- short trial, and in 1871 the building passed into the