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In 1019 Provost-Marshal Crowder was sent to Cuba olics, 42 secular priests, 40, seminarians, 34 parishes, to advise with the Government in regard to the 284 churches or chapels, and 10 Catholic schools revision of the electoral law. The law establishing with 2,500 pupils.

obligatory military service, promulgated in 1918, q^^ Diocesk of Spp Cadiz was repealed in 1919. "™^*' uiocesb op. »ee Cadiz.

Cubango In Angola, Prefbcturb Apostouc or ^^*^' Diocese of. See Chblmno. (cf. C. E., III-772d), formerly known as Upper Cnneo, Diocese op (Cuneenbis; cf. C. E^ Cimbebasia, was given its present title by a decree IV-569b), in Piedmont, Northern Italy, suffragan of 10 January, 1921. It comprises a Portuguese of Turin. This see was filled by Rt. Kev. Andrea colony in Southern Africa and is entrusted to the Fiore, from 1895 until his death, 20 January, 1914 Holy Ghost Fathers, the present prefect being Mgr. when he was succeeded by the present incumbent, Louis Eeiling, appointed 30 November, 1909, who Rt. Rev. Gabriele Moriondo, b. in Turin, 1870, resides at Catoco. The 1921 statistics credit this entered the Dominican Order 1888, ordained 1893, territory with a population of about 4,000,000, of superior of the mission at Constantinople 1900, whom 9,200 are Catholics, 8,000 natives and 1,200 appointed 25 May, 1914. During the World War Europeans, and about 1,000 catechumens. Mis- 2 priests, 1 deacon and 3 minor clerics were killed, sionary work is carried on by twenty missionary 2 were wounded and 12 won medals of honor. The priests, assisted by 5 Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny. laity were well represented in the army, where they The mission comprises 12 churches or chapels, 7 bravely did their duty. At home many associations stations, 8 schools, and 7 orphanages. were formed to aid the poor, the wounded and

Ouenca, Diocese op (Conchensis in iNons; refugees. In 1917 the first centenary of the found^^

of 147,634, according to the last census of 1885. ^^S§?"^5-' ^^^ been creat^ a cardinal.

Rt. Rev. Manuel Maria Polit, appointed to this , Jh£.^V°i?^«® comprises a Catholic population of

see 11 January, 1907, was promoted to the arch- H^^^'t^*"® entire population, with the exception

diocese of Quito 7 June, 1918, and Rt. Rev. Daniel of 250 Jews and Protestants. The 1^ statistics

Hermida was appointed to succeed him 10 March, ^^^edit it with 67 panshes, 250 churches, 1 monastery

1919. No statistics are published for this diocese. ^^ "f^^' '*.^^^^°^ of men and 32 of w^en 210

secular and 22 regular clergy, 6 Brothers, 170 Sisters,

Onenca, Diocese op (Conquensis or Conchbn- i seminary, 80 seminarians, 1 secondary school for

sis; cf. C. E., IV-662c), in the orovince of New boys with 12 teachers and 130 pupils, 2 secondary

Castille, Spain, suffragan of Toledo. This diocese schools for girls with 210 pupils, 1 state normal

is now vacant. Rt. Rev. Wenceslas Sangueaa y school with 22 teachers and 450 students, 1 state

Guia, b. at Madrid, 1840, ordained 1864, appointed technical school with 16 teachers and 340 students,

19 April, 1900, and consecrated 5 August following, 6 homes, 24 infant asylums, and 10 hosDitals. Homes

died 15 February, 1922. On 13 April, 1902, the tower for war orphans are maintained by the state, as

of the beautiful cathedral church of this diocese col- well as all the elementary schools. Three organiza-

lapsed and it was only through the generosity of the tions are formed among the clergy, and about 110

citizens, who looked upon this work of the twelfth in different parishes among the laity. A weekly

century as a national monument, that it was pos- journal and seven monthly bulletins are published.

sible to rebuild it. In 1908 the centenary of St. ^ ^ -. . /^ i^ -c*

Julian, second bishop of the diocese and its patron, ^,^??*§?®' t .^itSJ^T? 4^?*^"^ ^^ ^^' ^i *?'*

was solemnly celebrated, with a triduum and civil IV-^9d).-In 1920 the fiftieth anniveraary of the

ceremonies coming of the Dominican Fathers to the vicariate

This diocese comprises a population of 400,000, ^ celebrated. In the same year a new conp«j»-

326 parishes and 79 sub-paristes, 654 churches and t^on of teaching Sisters was established withm the

chapels, 44 monasteries. 86 monks and 580 religious mission. J. J. A van Baars, O. P., former vicar

women, 494 secular and 54 regular clergy, 32 Apostolic and a zealous defender of the faith, uiw^

brothers, 125 sisters, 2 seminaries, an upper and i^»s oeath m 1910 was succeeded by M. A. M.

a lower seminary, 194 seminarians. 2 normal schools V^y'^®*^®/ created vicar Apostolic m the saine year.

with 18 teachers and 160 students, 297 elementary ^ong the recently deceased especially deserving

schools with 1 teacher and 12,500 pupils. Various 2^°°*® ^^^' Rev. P Poiesz, who died m 1919, for

missionary works are organized, as well as 5 homes "fteen yeara noted Catholic editor, poet, man of

for the aged and infirm, 5 hospitals, 1 refuge, and letters and friend of the people, and Rev. T. J. A.

1 lay charitable center. Societies are formed among van den Donk, who died in 1920, able Catholic

the clergy and laity and 4 periodicals, "El Centro,^ editor and contributor, for ten years lay teacher in

"Voz de Catecismo," "El Segrario" and "La Viva,** ^*^e schools ordamed pnest in 1896. . . ^ .

are published. ^"e Catholic population of the vicanate is

  • a /M 50,000, the greater part of whom are negroes and

Ouera, Diocese op. See Chub. Indians; about 5,000 are either Spanish. Dutch, or

Caemavaca, Diocbsb op (Ctjernavacrnsis; cf. Jews. Their spiritual needs are attended by secular

C. E., IV-562c), in the State of Morelos, Mexico, and 34 regular priests, principally Domimcans, 44

suffragan of the Archdiocese of Mexico. Rt. Rev. Brothers, and 205 Sisters, of whom 139 teach in

Francisco Plancarte y Navarrette filled this see the parochial schools and 66 attend the sick and

from IS^ until his transfer to Linar^ 27 Novem- infirm. In the schools taught by the Brothers there

ber, 1911, when he was succeeded by the present is a total of 1,026 pupils, and in those taught by

incumbent (1922), Rt. Rev. Manuel Fulcneri y the blisters 5,462 made up of both sexes. There

Pietrasanta, bom in the Archdiocese of Mexico are 19 parishes and 19 churches, 5 convents for

1874, studied at the Latin-American college, Rome, men ana 10 for women, 2 training schools for girls

where he was ordained in 1898, and served as vice- with 14 teachers and 53 pupils, 1 industrial school

rector and rector of the seminary in Mexico, and with 7 teachers and 35 pupils, 3 hospitals or homes

then chancellor of the diocese until his appointment, besides 1 leper hospital, 2 orphan asylums, 1 insane

6 May, 1912. The diocese comprises 150,000 Cath- asylum, 5 day nurseries. The men and the women