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of the university. Convinced that foreign service land titles, known as the '^Land Registration Act," is to dominate the new American era, and that became effective in Georgia 1 January, 1918. State- to be properly fitted for such service a man should wide prohibition went into effect in 1916. In 1919 have a systematic training, Georgetown University a Department of Fish and Game, also a Depart- launched a provisional semester of the new school, ment of Commerce and Labor, and a Department opening on 17 February, 1910, and ending on 17 of Insurance were created. The sale of habit- June, 1919. The trial gave such promiie of ulti- forming drugs is prohibited, mate success that the establishment of the school ExasE and Wills. — The inheritance tax is 1% followed immediately, with all the customary rights on bequests to parents, husband, child, lineal and privileges, particularly that of presenting can- descendants, brother, sister, daughter-in-law, $5000 didates for academic degrees. The first graduation exempt; on others 5%. In the year 1916 1339 took place on 14 June, 1921, the degree "Bachelor divorces were decreed. In that year the divorce of Foreign Service" being conferred for the first rate per 100,000 was 54, as compared to 26 in 1900. time in the histoiy of education in the United Rbugion. — For Catholic statistics see Savannah, States on 18 candidates, and certificates of pro- Diocese of. Anti-Catholic bigotry, encouraged by ficiency awarded to *64. a certain section of the press, the Watson publica-

The school was established under the direction tions, has been particularly virulent in Ucorgia. of Rev. John B. Creeden, S. J., who was appointed As a consequence the state passed a convent in- President of the University in 1919, succeeding spection bill in 1916, which, with the bitter attacks Revs. Joseph J. BLimmel, S.J., 1909-12, and Al- made on the Church, led to the formation of the phonsus J. Donlan, S. J., 1912-19. Catholic Laymen's Association (q.v.) "for the pur-

The number of students registered at present pose of maintaining the civil rights of all persons (1921) is: college, 445; medical, 172; dental, 163; regardless of their religious belief." law, 1153; foreign service, 427; total, 2360. The Recent History.— In 1915 the Frank case took faculties, including officials, professors, special lee- on a national interest. Leo Frank, a Jew, was -turers, assistants, and associates are distributed as convicted of murder and sentenced to death. It follows: college, 117; medical school, 9; dental was charged that the atmosphere outside and inside school, 13; school of law, 40; school of foreign the court-room was so hostile that a fair and im- service, 51. The hospital staff numbers 8 physicians- partial verdict was impossible, and the prisoner in-chief, 15 associates, and 16 assistsjits. was absent by request when the verdict was an-.

Decrees have been conferred from 1817-1920 in- nounced. An appeal was taken to the U. S. elusive as follows: Doctors: D.D., 27; LL.D., 137; Supreme Court, which refused a writ of habeas Ph.D., 52; Litt.D., 3; Sc.D., 2; M.D., 1151; DD.S., corpus. Frank's sentence, however, was commuted 336; Phar.D., 3; Mus.D., 7; total, 1718. Licen- to life imprisonment, barely twenty-four hours be- tiates: Ph.L., 1; LL.M., 1143; L.D.M., 395; A.M., fore execution. He was removed to the State Farm 458; M.S., 5; total, 2002. Bachelors: LL.B., 3895; at Milledgeville, from which he was kidnapped later A.B., 1152; Ph.B., 32; Phar.B., 6; B.S., 19; by a posse, taken to a nearby town, and hanged. Mus. B., 1 ; B. S. in Med., 34 ; total, 5139. Georgia's contribution of soldiers to the European

War was 85,506, or 228 per cent of the U. S. Army.

Georgia (cf. C. E., VI-460b).— The area of the Many of her soldiers were quartered with the 1st State is 59,265 sq. miles. In 1920 its population Division at Wheeler. Georgia (National Guard was 2,893,601, as compared with 2,609,121 in 1910. Camp), or with the 82d Division of the National Savannah, the largest city, had a population of Army at Gordon, Georgia. Of all the Georgia men 83,252. The State is divided into 12 congressional who went with the Expeditionary Force, 85 officers districts, 44 senatorial districts, and 155 counties. a°d 1445 men died, 8 officers and 36 men were taken In 1919 Georgia produced 1,730,000 bales of cotton, prisoners, and 223 officers and 2628 men were 10,800,000 bushels of oats, 69,890,000 bushels of com, wounded.

and 2,520,000 bushels of wheat. In the same year Oeorgia, Republic of. See Armenia. the value of its products of , manufacture was $80,- n«-o^« •nr.w^o-. ^« /TT*»A/«ni^aTo\ ;« ♦»,«  510,749, the capital employed being about $96,061,709. ^'*^' P'^^^ ^l^J^^Z^^ ^IkJ^r. nf The value of foreign commerce is estimated at g^ovince of Reggio-Calabna, Italy, suffragan of $247,079,176. In 1918 the mileage of Georgia rail- H^^^io. On 4 May, 1910 Pius X accorded the title roads was 740422 * of domestic prelate to the rector of the Sanctuary

Education— In 1919 the State University at °^ Santa-Maria de Polsi, in this diocese. Benedict Athens had 71 instructors and 1131 students- Atlanta ^^ wishing to do something further to honor this University at Atlanta had 29 instructors 'and 521 ^t^"* ^^^^il: ^'^^J' "^^.^^^^^^^ students; Clark University at Atlanta, 18 instructors k ^^^ ^^ *^.^ -^"^^T'k? L ^ *? Tk?^?**? and 536 students; Morris Brown College at Atlanta. ^^^. ?^^«^.i Y^\ re-ostablished the abbatial title 24 instructors and 305 students; Emo?y College at ^^'^u ^'^i.u^ *u°^^' ^^^^ Basilians, and accorded Oxford, 143 instructors and 509 students; Shorter *« ^^e ^^bot the power to confe^^ College at Rome, 26 instructors and 275 Students; co?4j^ions, the^crament of confirmation. His the Wesleyan Female College at Macon, 31 in- P^^'lf «? /'%^^^-l^^i ^KK^f ii^fi.^«^ i^Lnl structora and 496 students. In the common schools Tu'""^ ®**— ^^^\ 1 ^^u- S^^°^ ^??^"?1.'^ ?i^ of Georgia there were enrolled, in 1918, 937,742 *^f permi^ion of the bishop , of the diocese the pupils and 15,054 teachers. jct is mvalid. Rt. Rev. Giorgio Delno, appointed

feBCENT Lbqislativb CHANGE8.-The Legislature ^^ .^^^ '^1«^T?!^^'K^fSo???^^ .K of 1907 enacted an amended suffrage 1^ which Oristano 16 December, 1920, and the diocese is

had the effect of practically eliminating the negro ^^^ ^^^""^ .^^% t^*^^ n'^'V %V j^"?^ Jl*?**

vote in the state. In 1917 the establishment and ?^^Va^°\?^'°i^*^** ?\'^?P^[^?SSi'*n ^kT!;*"'^

maintenance of two agricultural schools, a home ^^ i^ ^^ ^f^«.«^, <^^^i»^d ^35«)0 Catholics; 70

guard or state constabSlaiy, and primar^ election Panshes 20 vicanates, 250 secular and 3 regular

by candidates for certain offices by county unit sys- «^ergy, 26 semmanans, and 80 churches or chapels,

tem were provided for. In 1918 Cook dounty was Oeraldton, Diocese op (Geraldtonbnsis), in Aus-

created, a budget system provided, and tipping was tralia, suffragan of Perth. The first bishop of this

declared illegal, The Torrens systepj pf registering diocese, Rt. Rev. William Bernard Kelley, bom